ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

ADHD Treated, Tics Tamed

"We traded in one problem for another!" You've finally found a medication that manages your child's ADHD symptoms..... Controlling your child's tics »

Playing dice with angry face, metaphor for controlling ADHD emotions

Adult ADHD

15 Good Habits Your Brain Craves (But Isn't Getting)

Runaway emotions cause more than drama. They undermine relationships, sap motivation, and lead to regretful actions. Here, learn... more »

Parenting ADHD Children

How Parent-Training Programs Work

Children with ADHD are up to 11 times more likely than their peers to develop oppositional defiant disorder,... Strategies for changing defiant behavior»

Kid scale, blue clothing, boy weighing himself

ADHD Treatment

The 5 Most Common Med Side Effects — and Their Fixes

"The most common side effects are appetite suppression, headache, dry mouth, and insomnia." Use these doctor-recommended strategies to... Ease appetite, sleep, mood problems »

Expert tips for positive classroom behavior

School & Learning Disabilities

Real IEP Accommodations That Really Work

ADDitude readers share the school accommodations — as well as IEP tips and tricks — that help their... more »

New ADDitude Blogs

Executive Dysfunction
What’s Your Bag?
I store loads of stuff in bags, forget what’s in there, only to be surprised when I finally... more »

ADHD News Feed
Department of Education Issues Letter Demanding Schools Support Students with ADHD
The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) sent a letter telling noncompliant schools — in no... more »

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