Linda Roggli, PCC

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Raised as a Midwest farmer’s daughter, Linda left central Illinois for college, marriage(s), parenting and careers in radio, TV news and newspaper. She launched her own advertising agency, Exclusive Writes, in her current hometown, Durham, NC (notice the pattern of deadline-driven professions? it was the ADD!).

After years of seeking advice from any available “expert,” she set out to live her deepest dreams. Along the way, she was diagnosed with ADD (at age 45 to be precise), which she promptly dismissed as “silly.” The ADD began to make more sense as she realized she was never content with one occupation. She retrained as a spiritual life coach, a retreat facilitator and a public speaking trainer. Then she jumped into ADD coaching (usually women, plus a few very special teens, men and couples) and created the ADDiva Network .

In 2006, she transformed a suburban house into a lush garden retreat, complete with a purple tree house and seven-circuit outdoor labyrinth – GardenSpirit . She now believes firmly in her ADD diagnosis.

A published author, Linda has almost finished her second book, Confessions of an ADDiva: Midlife in the Non-Linear Lane. And though she is sure – in the far distant future – her tombstone will read: “Never a dull moment,” her beloved and pun-addicted husband Victor is equally certain it should be inscribed: “Finally, DONE.”

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