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We're delighted that you like our content enough to share it! But before you start copying and pasting, please read our policy on sharing and republishing ADDitude content.

What ADDitude Content Can You Use? And How?

1. You are welcome to share links to any of our content via email and social media. In fact, we encourage it! We’re all for spreading awareness of ADHD, LD, and associated conditions.

2. You are welcome to republish any original ADDitude branded images (quotes, facts, banners, etc.) by embedding them into your own content or sharing them on your social media channels, as long as you credit ADDitude via the content attribution policy below.

3. You are welcome to reference or quote up to 75 words of any of our text-based content (articles, blog posts, newsletters, slideshows, etc.) on the web, as long as you honor the content attribution policy below.

4. You are welcome to republish in print any article in full from ADDitude magazine or ADDitudemag.com, as long as you get approval by downloading the reprint rights request form and returning it to ADDitude per the instructions on the form.

5. Alas, we can’t let you republish on the web the full content of any text-based content (articles, blog posts, slideshows, Q&A’s, etc.) or downloadable content (PDF printables, booklets, etc.) from ADDitude . Why? We like to keep Google happy and duplicate content is very bad for SEO.

6. You cannot make money from our content. We gave it to you for free, so you need to keep it free by passing it along.

7. You cannot pass off or claim our content as your own work. We’re glad that you want to share it, but please share the original link instead. Thank you!

ADDitude Content Attribution Policy

Thank you for sharing ADDitude content. We appreciate it!