Create House Rules for Your Child with ADHD

Solid and consistent house rules are a must for any child with ADHD. Check out these examples from Penny Williams to get you started on your own list of dos and don'ts.

House rules define expectations for your household and inspire everyone to do their best. Write yours on notebook paper or poster board and hang it in the kitchen. Below are examples from What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting ADHD. Keep them short and positive: “Do_ ,” not “Don’t_ .”

1.When you decide to do something, give it your all !
2.If you take it out, you put it away .
3.Help others.
4.Speak: kindly, calmly, the truth.
5.Keep your promises.
6.Listen when others are talking.
7.Ask before you leave the house.
9.Apologize when you are wrong.
10.Show compassion for others.
11.Dream BIG.
12.Tell others how you feel when you’re upset, but show others how you feel when you are happy.
13.Use words to tell how you feel.
14.Count to 10 slowly before showing anger.
15.Believe in yourself!

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