Hidden Treasures: The Qualities We Love Best in Our Kids

ADHD gets a bad rap, but anyone who knows and loves a child with the condition understands that there's much more to them than meets the eye. Here, parents talk about the most endearing qualities in their quirky kids — from their joie de vivre to their knack for coming up with silly songs.

A happy boy, displaying some of the many positive traits of ADHD

My son is a gifted dancer and artist.

—Chrissy Cook. Little Rock, Arkansas

> My son’s ability to see when I am losing it and loving me anyway.
—Patty Fox, Sturgis, South Dakota

> My child reflects on her behavior and apologizeswhen her impulsivity has caused bad feelings between us.
—Joana, Florida

> My son has so much empathy for others.When he was in second grade, he organized a fundraiser at his school for a child with leukemia. He spoke to all of the classes and motivated the children to bring in donations. Kids were raiding their piggy banks! I had no idea he was doing it until it was over.
—Leisa Glantz, Raleigh, North Carolina

> He has a lot of enthusiasm, creativity, and driveto do the things he’s passionate about.
—Linda Kelly, Oakland, California

> He has such a good, compassionate heart.He is always thinking of others.
—Brandy, Pennsylvania

> My son loves to be outside working with machines, like tractors.He wants to be a farmer and talks about it a lot.
—Scott Deetz, Dayton, Ohio

>All five of my children have ADHD. They are all very creative and most are easygoing.
—Karin, San Antonio, Texas

> He is very funny.He has a wonderful imagination, and he makes up little songs on the spot that are brilliant.
—Suzanne, Jackson Heights, New York

> She accepts everyone and is non-judgmental. —Kim Carrington, Discovery Bay, California

> Her tender heart— it is amazing how much she cares about animals.
—Caralynn Vaughn, North Carolina

> He is full of joy whenever he can climb, jump, and be free.
—An ADDitude Reader

> I can’t pick one endearing quality.He has a great sense of humor and great athletic ability. I love the way he connects with me when he asks for a hug. He is very kind. I could go on and on.
—Stephanie Bailey, British Columbia, Canada

> Thinking outside the box...sometimes waaaay outside!
—Melanie Dillon, Mundelein, Illinois

> He has lots of funny ideasthat usually involve pulleys and strings.
—Isabelle, California

> My son cares about other people.Elderly people love to spend time with him. He’s patient and will sit with them for a long time.
—Kathy Servedio, Duluth, Georgia

> Her enthusiasm for life.She seems to be all-in all the time.
—An ADDitude Reader


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