Get Unstuck Now: Adults with ADHD Share Their Procrastination Fixes

ADDitude asked: What are your best strategies for beating procrastination? Here are some of our favorite reader answers.

Scissors cutting into a time chart, demonstrating how adults with ADHD can beat procrastination

>Stay off of Facebook and personal e-mail during the workday. Make a to-do list and cross off items as they are completed.
—Walter Kloepfer, Homer, Alaska

>I try to remember that today is yesterday’s tomorrow.
—David, Montreal

>Feet first, feelings follow. I don’t wait until I feel like doing something, or until I am in the right mood, because that might never happen. So I jump in and start the project. Nine times out of 10, I find that, once I get started, I feel like continuing.
—Leslie Pressnell, Lakewood, Ohio

>Make short lists of “musts.” Take care of the most important things first, then take on other items. I give myself permission to do at least one “tolerable,” “fun,” or “worthwhile” item each day, even if it’s not on the “must” list.
—Susan Hsu, Gainesville, Florida

>I need uninterrupted time to work, so I schedule at least one day a week with no appointments (especially if I am working at home). I allow myself one trip to let the dogs out, get the mail, or eat.
—Nancy, Salt Lake City, Utah

>Make it exciting, no matter what it is. Boring and dull are killers. Play music and dance around! Do a portion of one project, then break off and do a little of another until they’re both done.
—An ADDitude Reader

>Plan a get-together or an event with a deadline. Hold a garage sale and set a date. Then there’s no turning back, because you have to get organized for the sale.
—Christine Kelly, Naples, Florida

>I get dressed, right down to my shoes, first thing in the morning, then I do the first thing on my list to build momentum. And before all of this, I pray to God for help.
—Tammy Miller, Emerald Isle, North Carolina

>If I’m really struggling, I visit (or use the iOS app), and I go through questions to help me figure out why I can’t get started.
—Emma Bennett, Wirral, United Kingdom

>I work with someone else rather than working alone. Having an assistant or a friend in the room keeps me on track.
—An ADDitude Reader

>I use a wrist tape to keep me focused and to remind me to resist starting a project in another room.
—An ADDitude Reader

>I remind myself of a quotation from Janet Dailey: “Someday is not a day of the week.”
—Vickey A., Middletown, Connecticut

>I keep lists everywhere — poster-size, small, and digital. They all help.
—Melanie, Utah


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