Addicted to Social Media? Here's What Might Help

Need a hand limiting your time on social media? Here's what readers say works for them, from blocking apps to time outdoors.

A computer with app symbols coming out of it, representing social media addiction help.

I turn off notifications on my social media accounts. It’s easier for me to ignore social media when those notification signals aren’t popping up.

—Heidi Zuniga, Aurora, Colorado

>I deactivated my accounts! My Facebook account made me very anxious, and took up time that I could have been using to get ahead in school or to visit with friends. I am happier without the sites.
—An ADDitude Reader

>I have the opposite problem. I never go on social media. At work I’m on the computer all day, so I have to force myself to go on the computer at home.
—Elizabeth H. Dole, Lake Worth, Florida

>For our daughter, we balance social media with social activities, work, and outdoor activities . We have been proactive in helping her find her passions.
—Sherry Hubbard, Bellevue, Nebraska

>I concentrate on gardening and my child’s needs, and I don’t allow late-night screen time.
—Nicolas Clausen, Denver, Colorado

>We don’t have trouble limiting our time on social media. Our ADHD daughter, however, is a social media/screen addict and has insomnia along with it. We have yet to come up with solutions.
—An ADDitude Reader

>My children are not allowed to have phones or unsupervised time on electronics until seventh grade. At that point, we will take it a day at a time.
—An ADDitude Reader

>I try to do some form exercise when I have the urge to go on social media.
—Lisa, New Jersey

>I get bored with social media and move on. I have ADHD, after all. Everything gets boring.
—Kent Aitchison, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

>I struggle with Internet overuse. Going on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media depresses me because I compare myself with others who seem to be accomplishing more.
—Christine Martin, Stephens City, Virginia

>We have been using an app called Our Pact. It is a godsend! When I tell my son to turn off his device, he has a meltdown. But there is little or no fuss when the app just shuts off the computer.
—Karen, New Jersey

>I remember that I’m being watched by my sons and want to be a good example to them, so that helps me limit my time.
—Angela Sulik, Corpus Christi, Texas

>I deleted all social media from cell phones, tablets, and other devices.
—Gabriela Alfaro, Palmdale, California

>I manage my social media the same way I manage my snacking. I allow myself two cookies or one cup of salty treats. When I’m finished, that’s it. I allow myself one hour of social media a day — a half-hour in the morning and a half-hour at night.
—Dawn, Mullica Hill, New Jersey


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