9 Constructive Fidgets That Promote Focus

Children and adults with ADHD can actually improve focus by multi-tasking — if they do it right! Developing a set of secondary "fidget" activities may be the key to improved attention. Learn how to make fidgeting work for you!

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Busy Your Hands

This facilitates focus when a child is listening, talking, or thinking about how to answer a tough essay question . Fidget toys for school or home include cool-looking pens or pencils, beaded bracelets, paper clips (they bend into interesting shapes and can be linked together), and clothes with interesting textures or doodads.

For adults at work, a small, smooth stone—a worry rock—in your pocket will allow you to fiddle without your boss or colleagues knowing. Curling your hair around a finger also works. At home, knitting or squeezing a Nerf ball can also increase attention .

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