Don't Just Talk, Communicate

Good communication is the key to strong relationships. This is true for adults with and without attention deficit. The problem is, adults with ADHD often think that they’re communicating when really they’re just talking. How to get your feelings across effectively with friends and partners.

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Small changes can make big communication differences when talking to your non-ADHD partner. ©

Attention deficit adults know that communication can break down when they are preoccupied with a particular problem, and don’t -- or can't -- get their feelings across to their partners.

When you find yourself anxious and obsessing about a worry, ask yourself: What’s really on my mind? Have I conveyed this to my partner? Other ADHD-induced habits can cause communication breakdowns in relationships . Here are seven hot spots, with solutions for each.

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This article comes from the Fall 2009 issue of ADDitude .

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