My Child Just Doesn't Listen! And More Frustrating Discipline Problems

Your child is funny, charming, and spontaneous — but sometimes, the traits that make you love her so much conspire to drive you (and everyone else) up the wall! Here, Dr. Peter Jaska shares solutions to five of the most common behavior problems for impulsive kids with ADHD.

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Secrets of Disciplining Your ADHD Child ©

Every child occasionally resists the rules and demands placed upon him. Kids who have attention deficit disorder (ADHD) tend to resist more than others.

To rein in rebellious, impulsive children without creating a power struggle or driving themselves crazy, parents must be patient, persistent, and creative in responding to resistance.

Here are five common discipline problems faced by parents of children with ADHD — and solutions for each of them.

1. “My child absolutely refuses to do as he is told.”

Sometimes parents and kids get into a pattern in which daily tasks ( doing homework , getting ready for bed ) provoke battles. In most cases, the child eventually complies, but the conflict leaves everyone upset.

The best long-term solution? Setting up routines. For example, parents must establish and enforce — calmly but firmly — regular study times for each child.

It may take weeks, or even months, until the ADHD child accepts these routines and follows them consistently. No matter how long it takes, don’t give up. And don’t let yourself be drawn into needless conflict with your child. When tempers flare, the parent must remain calm and maintain control of the situation.

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