Don't Freak Out! And 13 More Rules for Navigating Teen Behavior Challenges

Too strict. Or, too wishy-washy. Lecturing constantly. Or hardly communicating. Inconsistent parenting strategies can exacerbate unwanted behaviors, especially among teens with ADHD. How to create the right pattern at home.

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Dealing with ADHD Teenagers © istockphoto/video1

Parenting Behaviors to Avoid

University of Massachusetts researchers have identified four strategies that parents generally rely on that actually fuel ADHD behavior problems .

All talk, no action.Parents yell, scream, argue, and threaten, but do not follow through with consequences.

Letting teens set the tone.If the ADHD teen is calm and respectful, so is the parent. If the teen complains or acts up, the parent follows suit.

Adopting a "whatever" attitude.If a parent is tired of getting into snarls, she disengages. Born from letting teens set the tone, this is a poor way to deal with important issues.

Using inconsistent discipline .Parents use harsh or extreme disciplinary measures erratically, mainly when they’ve had enough.

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This article comes from the Winter 2009 issue of ADDitude .

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