Natural Remedies for ADHD, Readers' Picks

ADDitude asked: Which nonmedical therapy works best to control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) symptoms? And you offered these great alternatives to replace or supplement medication.

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1. Build good routines.

" I recommend my son’s regimen: sleep , the right foods (no sugar in the a.m.), exercise !"
Diana, Connecticut

2. Discover what not to eat!

" Avoiding foods that contain artificial colors , flavors, and preservatives.Also, eliminating shampoos and soaps that contain harmful chemicals."
Elizabeth, Massachusetts

3. Get or give quality attention.

" Finding a psychologist who listens to me.I am a single, intelligent, attractive ADHD woman, with a master’s degree, who has always found relationships challenging. Susan, my therapist, understands my relationship hurdles and gives me practical strategies to use when I meet someone new."
Saralyn, Hawaii

" Spending one-on-one time with my son." He likes the attention and is more compliant. We will play basketball or a game of catch, then go for a walk together with the dog.
Maria, New Jersey

4. Consider supplements.

" Ritalin taken with an amino acid supplement.Each morning, before breakfast, our son takes an amino acid supplement called ExcitaPlus. Immediately after breakfast, he takes Ritalin and fish oil . Each evening, before bed, he takes an amino acid supplement and fish oil."
Eugene and Janet, New Mexico

5. Try sports and exercise.

" Karate class has done wonders for my son.His sensei is very demanding, and brings out the best in him. If he misses a few classes, he becomes moody."
Lynn, Georgia

" Exercise does the trick.I am a 23-year-old female with ADHD, and I find that moderate-intensity exercise is as effective as a short-acting dose of medication ."
Dana, Michigan

" A trampoline helps a lot.When my 12-year-old daughter feels overly energetic, she jumps on it for a while. The rhythmic motion is great for helping her memorize facts ."
Karen, North Carolina

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