Mom Guilt Is Toxic. Here's How to Ditch It.

When you're a mother with ADHD, and you have a child with special needs, expectations — your own and other people's — can be your unraveling. Don't let mom guilt win. Instead, use these 8 strategies for find peace and happiness at home.

Managing ADHD Motherhood and ADHD Parenting

I have two young adult children. Kate, age 24, does not have ADHD . Mackenzie, my 21-year-old, does, along with mild cognitive impairments, speech and language difficulties, mood regulation, and oh...who’s counting? Her difficulties arose from a rare vaccine reaction she had as a baby. Mackenzie lives at home, and will likely be with us for five to 10 years more.

I wondered whether I had the parenting skills to raise her well because of my adult ADHD . With Mackenzie and me, it was the blind leading the blind. If I couldn’t keep my own workspace organized, how could I expect her to keep her bedroom and playroom in order? If I had problems with distractibility , how could I expect her to stay on task? Worse, given my own attention deficit disorder, it was difficult for me to help Mackenzie manage her ADHD symptoms .

I’m not alone. Women with attention deficit disorder contact me all the time, upset and anxious over their less-than-perfect parenting skills. I don’t have a magic bullet that will make any of this go away. I do, however, have eight helpful suggestions that turned my ADHD motherhood into a wonderful, manageable experience:

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This article comes from the Winter 2009 issue of ADDitude .

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