Change Your Diet, Find Your Focus

Studies show that protein promotes alertness in the brain. Carbohydrates do the opposite. And artificial colors and flavors are even worse. Which may explain why Fruity Pebbles are so awful for your child with ADHD. Read on for more trigger foods, and for healthier alternatives.

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Diet changes for ADHD children can help control their symptoms, like for this happy girl here. ADDitude Magazine

Do alternative ADHD treatments really work? Adults and parents of ADHD children are finding that while they may not be a cure-all, non-medical treatments like diet changes can make a big difference in symptoms.

Poor diet and eating habits do not cause ADHD. And when it comes to controlling impulsivity, inattention, and other symptoms, there is no substitute for medication and behavioral therapy, which are clearly the most effective approaches.

But recent research suggests a possible relationship between ADHD and the foods one consumes. Read on to find out how to make your diet — or your family's — ADHD-friendly.

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Alternative ADHD Treatment Guide In-depth research and tips about non-medical ADHD treatments such as behavior therapy, working-memory treatment, and omega-3 fatty acids.

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