Isn't He Too Young for ADHD? Signs in Toddlers and Preschool Kids

Is your child's hyperactivity normal — or something more? Use this checklist to decode your child's behavior and to address symptoms before they escalate. Early detection and intervention can make a world of difference.

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Gathering the right clues can lead to an earlier ADHD diagnosis and treatment.  Hemera/thinkstock

Wonder if you're seeing ADHD symptoms in your preschool child or toddler? We are all familiar with TV supersleuths who put together evidence to solve a case. Sometimes, being a parent involves detective work, too. During the early years, in particular, when language is not sophisticated, a parent must look for other clues to determine whether her child is on track, identify problems, and find treatment. This checklist should help.

When a young child is highly hyperactive or impulsive, parents are often advised to "wait and see." Parents of boys who receive an ADHD diagnosis are routinely told, when their son is in preschool, that he's "just being boyish." But parents who are good detectives learn which environments are "hot spots" for their little ones, and begin to alter their expectations.

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Does My Child Have ADHD?


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