Top Procrastination Causes and Help to Stop Procrastinating!

What causes procrastination -- even in those of us with the best of intentions -- and how can we stop procrastinating?

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Cause of Chronic Procrastination?

Some people have low motivation and tend to put off tasks that require more-than-average energy or effort. If this sounds like you, you may have low-level depression. Some couch potatoes suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, or poor physical fitness. If everything seems too hard to do, get a checkup to see if depression or some other health problem is playing a role.

Procrastination has many causes . Maybe you procrastinate because you don’t enjoy a task or you find a job too challenging to organize. Or you may not know how to get things done. I have listed the most common causes for procrastinating and ways to get organized and finish what you start .

1. Procrastination Cause: “I dislike doing the task”

  • Look for ways to increase the task’s appeal.
  • Make it into a game and keep score, or compete with others doing similar tasks.
  • Listen to upbeat music while working.
  • Give yourself a reward after you complete the task.

2. Procrastination Cause: “I am overwhelmed”

Use a “divide and conquer” approach:

  • Break a large task into separate, short-term, easy-to-achieve segments.
  • Check off each segment as you accomplish it.

3. Procrastination Cause: “I have difficulty starting a task”

  • Create something to react to. Reactive tasks are easier to begin than those that you must initiate yourself.
  • Work on the task with others. Answering their questions or responding to e-mails is a good way to get -- and keep -- you moving forward.
  • Establish a deadline with your supervisor.

4. Procrastination Cause: “I’m not organized enough to start the task”

If you don’t know where to start, try the following:

  • Think through the task.
  • Talk through the steps with your supervisor.
  • Break the task into do-able segments.
  • Create a list of resources and supplies needed to accomplish the task.
  • Create a timeline for the task; do the first segment.
  • Set e-mail or text reminders for each segment.

5. Procrastination Cause: “I find the job too difficult”

  • Ask yourself why the task seems so hard -- is more training, more practice, or more assistance from others needed? -- then get the help to succeed.

Apply a Solution

Select a task that you keep putting off. Then look at the list of solutions above and choose one that you think is helpful. Your new solutions will soon become habits.

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