ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

Your ADHD Diagnosis Guide

A thorough evaluation of ADHD symptoms is complicated — as it should be to ensure accuracy and rule... more »

Adult ADHD

Accept Them. Support Them. Have Their Backs.

You understand that your spouse's or child's ADHD symptoms are not the result of laziness or defiance. But,... more »

Parenting ADHD Children

Don't Freak Out! And 13 More Rules for Navigating Teen Behavior Challenges

Too strict. Or, too wishy-washy. Lecturing constantly. Or hardly communicating. Inconsistent parenting strategies can exacerbate unwanted behaviors, especially... more »

ADHD Treatment

9 Food Rules for ADHD Families: What to Eat, What to Avoid

A well-rounded diet can have a powerful, positive effect on your cognition, mood, memory, and behavior. The wrong... more »

School & Learning Disabilities

Test-Taking Strategies for Every Exam Type

Students with ADHD tend to crumble under the pressure and information overload of bigs exams. Use these specific... more »

ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Sticky!

Melting down from sensory overload or scrambling for stimulation, many kids with ADHD also suffer from sensory processing... Making sense of the senses »

Adult ADHD

The Get-More-Done-at-Work Guide

Sometimes, multitasking works. Other times, it's a counter-productive way to avoid boring or overwhelming tasks that leads to... more »

Parenting ADHD Children

Beyond Naughty: Dealing with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

40% of children with ADHD also develop oppositional defiant disorder, a condition marked by chronic aggression, frequent outbursts,... more »

ADHD Treatment

Why Sugar Is Kryptonite for ADHD Brains

Following an ADHD diet rich in protein and vitamins can help control symptoms of attention deficit. But only... more »

School & Learning Disabilities

Impulse-Control Strategies for Students with ADHD

Why do kids with ADHD call out in class or push in line? Poor impulse control. The solution?... more »

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Evidence shows that paying more attention to relationships can change a child's behavior.

— Katherine Ellison

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How to Earn a Ph.D. with ADHD
I pursued my dream, lost my way, but I am back on track, thanks to a medication I... more »

ADHD News Feed
A Better Way to Find the Ideal Dose of Methylphenidate
Titrating medication over a longer period of time may help adults with ADHD more effectively reduce their symptoms... more »

ADDitude Webinars
How Stimulant Medications May Improve Executive Functions
On Thursday, April 6th, at 1 pm ET, join us for a free expert webinar with Dr. Charles... more »


Tools and Checklists

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Oppositional and Defiant Why typical discipline doesn’t work. More ►

Homework Help Secrets to finishing faster and with less frustration. More ►

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Fight ADHD with Food The high-protein, low-sugar, no-additive diet for ADHD. More ►

ADD in Women Do your symptoms of depression or anxiety point to ADD?
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When Regular Discipline Fails Tired of nagging and yelling? There is a better way. Learn more ►

Sensory Processing Is your child sensitive to sounds, touch or taste? What you need to know. More ►

Why She Won’t Sleep And what you can do about it. Learn more ►

Kids' Natural Therapies From fish oil and zinc, to brain training and behavior therapy. More ►

Why We Act the Way We Do Why ADHD adults hyperfocus, obsess, doubt our abilities, and more. Learn more ►

High School Survival Guide Help your teen grow more independent, self-sufficient, and trustworthy.
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ADHD Meds, Explained Insider tips to get the most from ADHD meds. View slideshow ►

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