The ADHD Diagnosis Guide for Kids

Your Child's ADHD Diagnosis

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    Your Diagnosis Guide
    6 Evaluation Essentials
    What a thorough ADHD assessment should include — from initial consultation to teacher input to a detailed family medical history. More...
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    The ADHD Road Map
    Getting from A-HA! to Treatment
    What to do next: Consult a doctor, await the diagnosis, and get symptoms under control with medications or behavioral therapy. More...
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    Pediatrician Guidelines
    How Doctors Diagnose Children
    Do symptoms occur at school AND home? Have they persisted for at least 6 months? And more questions your physician should ask. More..
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    Evaluation Problems
    3 Reasons ADHD Is Misdiagnosed
    Doctors sometimes diagnose ADHD too quickly or without considering all the symptoms. Here's what you need to know to avoid a misdiagnosis. More...
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    The Right Way to Get the Right Diagnosis
    Unlike diabetes or heart disease, ADHD can’t be detected with a blood test or scan. Here's the best way to get an accurate diagnosis. More...
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    Are You Listening?
    Signs of Inattentive ADHD in Kids
    Children with inattentive ADHD are not hyperactive, fidgety or wild. They're quiet, spacey demeanor doesn't look like stereotypical ADHD, so it's often undiagnosed. Learn why that's bad. More...
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    Life Story
    "How We Missed Our Daughter's ADHD"
    Shy, inattentive Chengming faded into the background at school. Her sweetness and naiveté were charming; she seemed like an absent-minded professor. More...
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    Back-to-School Diagnosis
    A Team Approach to Identifying ADHD
    Teachers can't diagnose attention deficit, but they can provide crucial behavior ratings and frequent peer benchmarks. Here's How...
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    Who Does What?
    Choosing a Specialist
    Pediatric neurologists are trained in the brain, and are qualified to diagnose ADHD. Who else should you consider for your practitioner team? More...
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    When To Fire Your Doctor
    Does She Brush Off Your Concerns?
    If the physician evaluating your child doesn't welcome your questions, that's a red flag. How to find an ADHD expert who will partner with your family. More...
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    Explaining ADHD to Your Child
    What Is ADHD? A Primer for Kids
    How to explain attention deficit as a powerful tool, and help your child work to hone it each day. More...
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    You Know Your Kid Has ADHD When...
    "Your son is the only child doing cartwheels....on the court during his basketball game." More...
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    A Complicated Diagnosis
    Are You Sure It's Just ADHD?
    Evidence suggests that about half of all individuals with ADHD are also depressed, anxious, or living with another related condition. More...
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    Symptoms Quiz
    Could It Be a Learning Disability?
    See if your child's struggles match these common signs of LDs in grade school. Take the Quiz...
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    The Treatment Plan Puzzle
    Managing Multiple Diagnoses
    Related conditions can complicate your child's treatment plan. How to understand medications' limits and assemble a team of experts. More...
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    ADHD by the Numbers
    A Summary of Statistics
    The average American classroom has 1 to 3 students with ADHD, though not all are diagnosed (particularly the inattentive girls). Is your child one of them? More...