Assembling Your Treatment Team
Finding the right physician to help you manage your ADHD treatment can be tricky. You need a balance of credentials, trust, and chemistry. Use this guide to help. ... see more
ADHD Treatment / Fine-Tuning Treatment
Treating ADHD in Children
Diagnosing and treating attention deficit in children with ADHD medication and alternative therapies. Plus, how to choose professionals to treat your child with or without ADD drugs. ... see more
ADHD Treatment / Treating Children
Essential Guide to ADHD Medications
Your guide to choosing and using ADHD medications like Adderall, Vyvanse, Strattera, and others without side effects. ... see more
ADHD Treatment / ADD Medications
Alternative ADHD Treatment Guide
How to treat ADHD symptoms with alternative treatments including vitamins, supplements, diet, and exercise. ... see more
ADHD Treatment / Alternative Therapies
Alternative ADHD Treatments for Kids
Stimulant and non-stimulant medications help many children with ADHD, however more and more families are supplementing traditional prescriptions with supplements, dietary changes, exercise, neurofeedback, brain training, behavior therapy and other alternative treatments. ... see more
ADHD Treatment / Treating Children
Fighting ADHD with Nutrition & Diet
How to treat your symptoms of ADHD with a diet high in protein, low in sugar, and filled with vitamins and nutrients shown to increase focus and attention. ... see more
ADHD Treatment / Nutrition & Diet
Fine-Tuning Your ADHD Treatment
Better ADHD treatments sometimes mean changing medication, therapists, or strategies to avoid side effects and get the treatment that's right for you. ... see more
ADHD Treatment / Fine-Tuning Treatment