Diagnosing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD ADHD) -Understanding the Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of ADD ADHD in Adults and Children

How Pediatricians Diagnose ADHD

New guidelines for pediatricians aim to curb the increase in ADHD misdiagnoses for children... more »

Differently colored rubber ducks, representing the race problem facing ADHD

The Children Left Behind

Thousands of kids are being underdiagnosed and undertreated for ADHD — due in large part to their race... more »

A woman with ADHD, anxiety, and depression stressed out and holding her head

Anxiety? Depression? Or ADHD? It Could Be All Three

ADHD is often missed when it co-exists with depression or anxiety, and vice versa. Here's what to look... more »

A cartoon of a brain seeking stimulation from various gadgets

Never Enough? Why Your Brain Craves Stimulation

At times, it feels the ADHD brain is never sated — particularly when it comes to common sources... more »

Lightbulbs representing the current research on ADHD

The ADHD Brain Is Wired Differently

The more we “see” the ADHD brain with neuroimaging, the more we understand how it works. Read this... more »

girl diagnosed with asperger's by female doctor

Your ADHD Diagnosis Guide

A thorough evaluation of ADHD symptoms is complicated — as it should be to ensure accuracy and rule... more »

How Well Do You Know ADHD?

Though the symptoms of ADHD were first noted by the medical community in 1902, pervasive misinformation and myths... more »

Larry Silver, M.D.

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"I was just diagnosed with ADHD, and I'm interested in learning more about it. Is the disorder caused...

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