posted: Tuesday February 14th - 4:56pm

Kids’ Creations: The Art of Having ADHD

Kids diagnosed with ADHD show what it feels like to have the disorder.

Cristina Margolis
Cristina Margolis has been blogging at My Little Villagers ( since her young daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. Cristina wants to help document her daughter’s life with ADHD and spread ADHD awareness in children. Her work has been featured on The Mighty and Scary Mommy and her blog was voted “Best of the ADHD Blogs” by CHADD. In addition to her blog, you can connect with...
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posted: Monday February 13th - 5:24pm

How I Came to Rock My ADHD

They say the best job is the one that you would do if you didn’t need the money. For me, that is helping others who struggle the way I did through high school and using the jagged pieces from my childhood to create a more vibrant mosaic.

Jennifer Gerlach
“He doesn’t know me.” That thought rang through my mind over and over as the school psychologist explained to me that I would need to remain in special classes even if I went back to mainstream school. I had learned a lot in my two years in alternative school, and believed I was ready to return to my home school. Rejection hit me flat on the...
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posted: Wednesday February 8th - 12:23pm

Pigpen Diaries: What to Do When Clutter Is Comforting

My daughter takes solace in her mess. The junk that I would trash in a hot second is treasure to her, and cleaning it all at once is pure torture. So together we devised a compromise for bringing order (not stress) to her bedroom — one day at a time.

I don’t know whether to face the truth, or shut the door tight. Tackle the problem — my messy child — or keep walking. If I brave the obstacle, my efforts will take hours and I’ll have to make hard decisions. If I shut my eyes, I can hope the spiraling destruction will resolve itself. This is the dilemma I have faced ever since my daughter moved...
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posted: Thursday February 2nd - 2:12pm

The Biggest Lie I Ever Told My Son with ADHD

"I was forcing my son to take drugs and he was begging me to stop."

Heather LeRoss is mom to two boys and a step-mom to another son. She’s on a mission to help her son with ADHD find his way in this neurotypical world, while helping him keep his sense of humor and ensuring that her youngest doesn’t get lost in the shadow of ADHD. Visit Heather at her new website, I held the little pills in my hand, and...
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posted: Friday January 27th - 11:56am

The 9 Things People with Learning Disabilities Want You to Know

People with learning disabilities don’t want your pity or even your help. They want you to know that LDs are what they have, not who they are.

Judy Mouland Headshot 180px
Judy Mouland is a professional life coach for brilliant people who are struggling with Learning Disabilities (LD), ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, OCD, and other conditions, including anxiety and depression. Judy has come to love this quirky, resilient and creative group of individuals, in her own home and as the former CEO of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. Judy is a Coaches Training Institue (CTI) Co-Active...
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posted: Wednesday January 25th - 11:02am

Dear Special Needs Mom Who Is Ready to Give Up…

…I know how alone and tired you feel, but you aren’t allowed to quit, because you know no one will love your child the way you do.

Dayna Abraham Headshot
Dayna Abraham is the founder of Lemon Lime Adventures, where she shares tips and real-life advice on how to embrace life's imperfect moments, from raising a child with special needs to embracing all of life's detours along the way. She is the co-author of several best-selling books, Sensory Processing 101, STEAM Kids, and Learn and Play with LEGO. Her new book, The Superkids Activity Guide to...
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posted: Friday December 9th - 10:47am

What I Love About My Wife with ADHD

Google will tell you that marriage with ADHD is difficult, but there are so many traits that come along with the condition I wouldn’t trade in for the world. They make my wife the woman I love.

Jessica Jurkovic 180px
I asked my amazingly wonderful, devastatingly handsome, most level-headed, even-tempered, fiscally responsible, strategically thinking, husband to write about some of the positive aspects of being marrried to someone with ADHD. Here's what he said. If you google “ADHD and marriage,” there is certainly no shortage of articles asking, “Can Your Relationship Survive ADHD?”, providing “50 Ways Not to Leave Your ADHD Spouse.” I know because I search...
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posted: Wednesday November 30th - 11:18am

The Highs and Lows of Parenting Two Kids with ADHD

Keep going, keep supporting your kids, and keep educating others about ADHD, no matter what is thrown at you.

Holly Blanc Moses, M.S. BCBA, LPC, LPA, is a mom, psychologist, and a behavior analyst. You can reach her at Parenting is a big job! However, being a parent of children with ADHD is a whole different ballgame. (We have two). I think of it as extreme parenting in the form of an intense obstacle course: The course consists of highs, lows, and marathons across...
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posted: Monday November 21st - 11:39am

Five Tools Parents—and Kids—Can’t Live Without

Hey, I can do it all, just like neurotypical moms, with a little help from my gadgets.

Diane Stark
As a freelance writer and mother of five, there is no room in my life for ADHD. Yet there it is. Every day, I struggle with disorganization, procrastination, distraction, and a host of other “tion” words I could do without. Then comes the guilt and shame. “Other moms can do it all,” I think. “Why can’t I?” Instead of wallowing in shame, I’ve brainstormed ways to stave...
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posted: Monday October 31st - 9:39am

Letter to My Loving “Ghost Child” on Halloween

There is more than one beautiful flower in our family bouquet.

Laura Russin is a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) of two young children—a son, six, and a daughter, four-and-a-half. She has ADHD herself and balances raising a child with ADHD and her neurotypical daughter. She is founder of Man vs Mommy ( where she blogs to maintain her sanity and to spread awareness of ADHD. Find Laura on Facebook @ Man vs Mommy, and on twitter @manvsmommy. “Mom, I...
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