Is It ADHD or OCD?

The stereotypical signs of ADHD include hyperactivity, disorganization, and a general lack of focus. The stereotypical signs of OCD? Quite the opposite, so we don’t often consider these two conditions linked. But they are, and symptoms can overlap in surprising ways. Take this quiz to see if you really understand the difference between obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit!

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Someone with _____________ will find it hard to move away from a certain task they find engrossing.

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  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Either ADHD or OCD
Either ADHD or OCD. Intense focus — so strong that someone can ignore absolutely everything around them — can occur in individuals with either ADHD or OCD, but the reason behind the focus is different. People with ADHD often “hyperfocus” on tasks they find pleasurable and, in most cases, this hyperfocus allows them to move efficiently and fluidly through the task until it’s done. People with OCD, on the other hand, can “overfocus” on a task — becoming so obsessed with doing it perfectly that nothing else seems to matter — and often find themselves “stuck” and unable to move past a certain point.

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