How to Kill Your Clutter

How to Regain Control of Your Life

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    "I'm Too Overwhelmed!"
    Cleaning Up Clutter the ADHD Way
    11 simple rules for cleaning up clutter — without getting overwhelmed. More...
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    Hate Housework?
    ADHD-Friendly Survival Strategies
    "Housework is a treadmill from futility to oblivion, with stop-offs at tedium and counter-productivity." How to survive it anyway. More...
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    The Dysfunctional Mess
    Is Your Clutter Controlling You?
    Some ADD adults thrive in busy, cluttered environments. Others choke. Here are strategies for the latter. More...
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    Advice from the FlyLady
    A Little Cleaner Each Day
    An organization expert offers "baby step" tips and daily motivation for cleaning up your life — one pile at a time. More...
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    Tackle Paper Clutter
    Organize Mail, Bills, and More
    Buried under documents? Here's a system to help ADHD adults put an end to piles of paper at work or home. More...
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    Organization at Work
    How to De-Clutter Your Desk
    A 10-point plan for reclaiming (and maintaining) control of your office space — in less than two hours. More...
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    ADHD Creativity at Work
    Defeating Clutter, the ADHD Way
    This ADHDer battled her disorganization by using her creativity and ingenuity — ADHD trademarks. More...
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    Life Story
    How I Knocked Out Clutter
    This ADHD boxer fought back against her mess — thanks to a coach who helped her put clutter down for the count. More...
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    My Life as a Packrat
    Readers Share Their Stories
    ADDitude readers talk about how messiness has impacted their life, and how they're conquering it. More...
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    The Beauty of Clean
    Benefits of Eliminating Clutter
    Learning to appreciate the beauty of a clutter-free environment will make it easier to maintain. More...
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    Ask the Expert
    Ending the Cycle of Clutter
    "I tend to mess up the same places over and over again in a cycle. What do you suggest?" Read the expert response...
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    Get-Organized Games!
    Have Fun While You Clean
    These quick tricks will help you stay on track by turning your boring cleaning chores into fun games. More...
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    Clear Off That Desk!
    Get Organized at Work
    Work smarter and save time by cleaning up your desk with these useful tips for ADHD adults. More...