How to Be a Better Friend

Rekindle and Care for Relationships

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    Rediscover Romance
    Beat Distractability in Your ADHD Marriage
    Here's how you can revive intimacy, intrigue and excitement with your partner, no matter where you are in your relationship. See more...
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    Clear Up Confusion
    Communication Tips for ADHD Spouses
    Use this simple, effective relationship advice to begin speaking the same language as your partner and clear up conflicts in your ADHD marriage. See more...
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    Build Social Skills
    Avoid Offensive Behavior
    Fix faux pas with these tips to read body language, figure out when you've made a social blunder, and then repair the damage. More...
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    A Natural Treatment
    Buddy Therapy
    A good friend can be like a coach to help you feel understood and on track. Learn what you can do to help keep the friendship alive. More...
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    Strategies for Social Situations
    Working on Relationships
    Learn your time limit for stories, and pre-plan an exit strategy. Try taking medication. Use our expert tips to make socializing more fun and less work. More...
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    3 Solutions to Friendship Problems
    Socializing on Your Own Terms
    Learn how to deal when you feel like you have no friends, don't have time for friends, or are just plain antisocial. More...
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    Being a Better Friend
    Overcome Your ADHD Symptoms
    Find understanding friends, and then explain how you manage your symptoms. Have them call you when they leave to meet you so you're not late! Watch the Video Now!!
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    Ask the Relationship Expert
    How Can I Make New Friends?
    Find friends with similar interests by attending a CHADD meeting or participating in group activities you like. More...
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    Social Success
    Mastering Small Talk
    Ask questions, talk about the hot headlines, and more tricks to keep your conversations relevant and listeners engaged. More...
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    Try Being Tactful
    6 Tips for Choosing Words Carefully
    The art of talking without offending others is the antidote to foot-in-mouth disease. More...
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    Good Friendship Habits
    How to Stay Thoughtful, Loyal, and Fun
    Use these strategies to make friendships more manageable, fulfilling, and sustainable for everyone. See more...
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    Initiating New Friendships
    How to Make Lasting Connections
    Making and keeping friends is not intuitive — or easy — for everyone. These 10 tips help to make relationship-building less daunting. More...