Evaluate and Improve Accommodations

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    Change Schools? Or Accommodations?
    How to Evaluate All Your Options
    If your child is struggling, consider tweaking his accommodations before transferring him to another school. More...
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    Is Your Child's IEP Working?
    Checking Up on Accommodations
    How to take stock of your child's special-ed plan, and make sure it's helping her be successful in school. More...
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    The 504 School
    My Son's Very Special Education
    When her son's accommodations weren't working, this mother took matters into her own hands. More...
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    Finding the Right School
    Finding the School that Fits
    Looking for the best school for your child? Here are the four critical steps to take. More...
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    The Best School
    Help Your Child Thrive
    One mother shares her story of finding the right school to accommodate her daughter's ADHD and Asperger's. More...
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    Talking With the Teacher
    Strategies for Strong Communication
    Meeting with your child's teacher to discuss his IEP? These tips will help you work towards a solution together. More...
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    Educational Advocates
    Do You Need One?
    If you have questions about your child's legal rights, you may want to consider hiring an educational advocate. More...
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    Book Review
    A Parent's Guide to Special Education
    Insider advice on how to navigate the educational system and help your ADHD child succeed. More...
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    My Son's ADHD Advocate
    Learning How to Navigate IEP Meetings
    ADDitude blogger Amanda Driscoll writes about how she mastered the dreaded IEP meeting — after a dozen tries. More...
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    Ask the Learning Expert
    504 Plan Ignored
    "My child's teachers don't always follow her accommodations. What can I do?" Read the expert response...
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    IEP Failures and Fixes
    Readers Share Their Stories
    ADDitude asked readers how they get classroom accommodations in place and enforced. More...