ADHD Symptoms, Signs, and Statistics

How to Recognize and Address ADHD

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    The ADHD Test...
    ...That Most People Fail
    How much do you really know about ADHD symptoms and treatment? Test your symptom IQ. Take the Quiz...
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    ADHD Stats
    How Common is It?
    ADHD occurs more often that doctors originally thought, and it's often under-treated. More...
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    Trouble Sleeping?
    A Possible Sign of ADHD
    Can't turn off your brain at night? It could be a sign of ADHD. Here's how stimulant medications help some ADD adults sleep better at night. More...
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    ADHD Toolbox
    A Symptom Checklist for Women
    Do you feel overwhelmed at stores? Are you called "spacey"? Does your life feel out of control? Common signs of ADHD in women. More...
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    The Flip Side of Distraction
    How to Harness Hyperfocus
    Under the spell of hyperfocus, you zero in on a task so intensely that time and distractions fade. This is awesome — if you know how to control it. More...
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    A Complicated Diagnosis
    Are You Sure It's Just ADHD?
    Evidence suggests that about half of all individuals with ADHD are also depressed, anxious, or living with another related condition. More...
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    Are You Listening?
    Signs of Inattentive ADHD in Kids
    Children with inattentive ADHD are not hyperactive, fidgety or wild. They're quiet, spacey demeanor doesn't look like stereotypical ADHD, so it's often undiagnosed. Learn why that's bad. More...
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    ADHD by the Numbers
    A Summary of Statistics
    The average American classroom has 1 to 3 students with ADHD, though not all are diagnosed (particularly the inattentive girls). Is your child one of them? More...
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    Adult ADD
    You Know It's ADD When... buy another organizing system, to organize your last five (unsuccessful) organizing systems. More...
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    Childhood ADHD
    You Know Your Kid Has ADD When... check the Lost & Found each week and leave with a bag of your child’s belongings – but she has no idea anything's missing. More...
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    Diagnostic Criteria
    A Better Way to Diagnose Adult ADD
    No adult-specific diagnostic criteria exist for ADHD — a problem that too often leads to misdiagnosis. These cutting edge tools could change all that. More...
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    ADHD Questionaire
    What ADHD Looks Like In Girls
    Is your daughter a quiet daydreamer? Does she pick her cuticles? Is she boy-crazy? Learn about the signs of ADHD in girls. More...
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    31 Myths Debunked!
    Spread the Truth About ADHD
    Common ADHD misconceptions, and smart responses to dumb questions. More...
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    31 Surprising Truths
    31 Surprising Truths
    A month's worth of facts, quotes, and surprises about attention deficit disorder. More...
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    Could Your Brain Use an Upgrade?
    Making the Most of ADHD Traits
    Your symptoms can make your ADHD brain feel scattered, but think of it like a computer that needs to be programmed. Use these tips to take control of those traits and form new habits. More...
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    Personal Essays
    Many Faces of ADHD
    11 essays from ADHDers – young and old, men, women, and child – that explore the diversity and perspectives of ADD. More...
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    Toxic Risk Factors
    The Impact of Chemicals on ADHD
    Exposure to toxic chemicals — in foods, flooring, cleaning products, and toiletries — may contribute to ADHD, autism, and LD. How to cut your risk. More...
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    ADHD Today
    The Changing Face of Attention Deficit
    What's new about attention deficit disorder? A lot! You might think differently after you learn the latest facts. More...
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    The ADHD Road Map
    Getting from A-HA! to Treatment
    What to do next: Consult a doctor, await the diagnosis, and get symptoms under control with medications or behavioral therapy. More...