Guide to ADHD Awareness Month

Help to End the ADHD Stigma!

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    Common Questions Answered
    Yes! ADHD Is a Real Disorder
    Help change public opinion about ADHD by reading these common questions and well-informed answers. More...
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    The Truth About ADHD
    12 Things You Don't Know About My ADHD
    Adults with ADHD are masters of illusion. We’ll convince you we’ve got everything under control when really we feel totally recklessly in shambles at all times. Here are the truths about our ADHD that we’ll never tell you. More..
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    Celebrities with ADHD
    Famous Faces with Attention Deficit
    These actors, musicians, athletes, and more prove that you CAN succeed with an ADHD diagnosis! Start slideshow...
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    Sanity Savers
    What NOT to Say to Parents
    10 myths, misperceptions and lies every ADHD parent is sick and tired of hearing. More...
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    The New ADHD
    Understanding Attention Deficit
    ADHD science has changed dramatically. Here's the latest on symptoms, treatment, brain function. More...
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    Act Locally
    How to Start a Support Group
    How to connect with other ADHD adults, parents of ADHD children, spouses, professionals, and others touched by this disorder. More...
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    What ADHD Feels Like
    Readers Share Their Stories
    We asked readers to describe their daily life with ADHD. They responded with humor, frustration, and honesty. More...
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    Hindsight Is 20/20
    10 Things I Wish I'd Known About ADHD
    Now I know that what others misidentified as ‘wrong’ or ‘different’ was actually extraordinary — and that ADHD can be an incredible asset if appreciated. More...
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    Real ADHD Stories
    The Many Faces of ADHD
    11 essays from ADHDers — young and old, men and women — that explore the diversity of this disorder. Download...
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    "Just Try Harder!"
    Reader Responses to Rude Words
    Adults with attention deficit disorder share what they say to those who tell them to "just try harder." More...
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    Silencing the Skeptics
    The 5 Types of ADHD Naysayers
    So-called "ADHD experts" are everywhere these days. Here are the right ways to respond to each type. More...
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    Real Symptoms, Real Solutions
    Help Friends and Family Understand
    A 3-step system to spread the truth about ADHD — Protest, Educate, Contact! More...
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    Overcoming ADHD Stigma
    Expert Advocacy Advice
    An expert psychologist shares his secrets for fighting ADHD stereotyping in children and adults. More...
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    More Myths About ADHD
    Fight Misinformation
    8 persistent myths about ADHD — and correct information to silence the doubters. More...
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    How to Talk About ADHD
    Share Your Story with Anyone
    Learn how to educate others about ADHD — and advocate for others who have the condition. More...
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    Ask the Adult ADHD Expert
    Convincing Your Spouse
    "My husband doesn’t believe in ADHD, and thinks I should stop taking medication. How do I handle this?" Read the expert response...
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    Lose "Deficit" and "Disorder"
    Redefine ADHD
    ADDitude blogger Allison Larkin writes about ditching the negative ADHD words, and embracing the positives. More...
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    The Many Faces of ADHD
    Howie Mandel and Others Speak Out
    These 11 essays explore the perspectives and diversity of people with attention deficit. More...
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    Snappy Comebacks for any Situation
    Sometimes snarky, sometimes sincere — readers share their clever replies to tactless remarks about ADHD. More...
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    Expert Podcast
    What is ADHD?
    Strategies and sample language you can use to explain ADHD in different settings, to people who just don't get it. Listen to this episode now...