ADHD On the Job: Career Success Guide

ADHD Career Secrets

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    10 Ways to Get More Done At Work
    Career Advice for ADHD Adults
    Keep a written record of all requests. Begin the day with your Top 10 list. And more ways to be productive on the job. More...
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    Ask the Expert
    Am I Protected on the Job?
    "Accommodations may help me at work. Does the law protect me from discrimination if I tell my boss I have ADHD?" More...
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    Advice From the Corner Office
    Tips From Top ADHD Executives
    Find out how these business leaders harnessed the power of their ADHD or learning disability in the workplace. More...
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    Earn Praise — And a Raise!
    19 Secrets to Shining at Work
    How to let your superpowers shine on the job. More...
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    How to Manage Up
    Get a Boost From the Boss
    ADD adults don't respond well to all management styles. Here's how your boss can help boost your productivity. More...
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    Smart ADHD Careers
    Make the Most of Your Skills
    Learn to evaluate your skills and strengths — not to mention your passions and interests — to find the very best career path. More...
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    Better Focus at Work
    14 Attention Hacks That Work
    We asked ADHD adults to share the rituals help them stay focused at work. Here are some of our favorites! More...
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    Celebrities with ADHD
    Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and More!
    Let this list of famous people diagnosed with ADHD inspire you to make the most of your symptoms! More...
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    Beat ADHD Procrastination
    The Guide to Getting Things Done
    Straightforward strategies to help ADHD adults start — and finish — even the toughest work projects. More...
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    The Job Search
    Finding Work That Works for You
    Let your strengths and passions lead the way to career success — just as these ADHDers did. More...
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    Bored By Broadway?
    Why I Decided to Pursue a New Path
    An ADHDer who gets bored quickly shares why she ditched her acting dreams to pursue a career in comedy. More...
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    I Got Fired!
    What Are My Options?
    "I was fired from my job, despite asking for and receiving accommodations. Can I dispute the decision?" More...
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    Does Uncle Sam Want You?
    ADHD and Military Service
    Military policy regarding enlistment and ADHD has changed. Learn about the newly revised standards. More...
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    Cooking with ADHD
    Interview with a Famous ADHD Chef
    Chef Alexis Hernández dishes on career, relationships, being famous with ADHD, and alternative treatment advice. More...
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    Work That Suits Your Symptoms
    How to Find the Right Career for You
    Consider these ADD-friendly careers, so you can make use of your unique gifts and talents at work. More...
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    Organize Your Workspace
    Give Your Career a Boost!
    How to get organized at work, focus on the job, and maximize your effectiveness with adult ADHD. More...
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    Ask the Expert
    How Can I Become an ADHD Coach?
    "I am interested in pursuing a career in ADD coaching. Can you tell me what kind of education I would need to become certified as an ADD coach?" More...