The ADHD Food Fix

Healthy Habits for Better Symptoms

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    Eat This, Avoid That!
    9 Food Rules for ADHD Families
    The right diet can have a powerful, positive effect on your cognition, mood, memory, and behavior. Here is what it looks (and tastes) like. More...
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    Cooking for ADHD
    Fight Symptoms with Diet
    Keep blood sugar under control with high-protein, low-sugar foods that are digested slowly and will help your child manage ADHD throughout the day. More...
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    Carbs, Fats, and Proteins
    How to Choose the Right Ones
    Consuming certain fatty acids and vitamins can either boost brain power or steal it away from ADHD kids. Here's what parents need to know. More...
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    Hyperactivity and Food Dyes
    Are Fruit Loops Evil?
    Food additives can compromise focus for some kids. Here are healthy substitutes for the biggest offenders. More...
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    ADHD-Friendly Snacks
    Mom-Approved Snacks for Your ADHDer
    These smart, healthy options look and taste like the artificially colored and flavored snacks, but will still keep picky eaters coming back for more. More...
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    Balanced Meals
    Better Behavior
    A child's plate should be filled halfway with fruits or vegetables, one-fourth with protein, and one fourth with carbohydrates to create a balanced meal. More...
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    Life Story
    "I Can't Just Let Kids Be Kids."
    Hadley is clearly reactive to dairy and food dye. I'm sure there are people who think we're crazy for being so concerned, but I can always tell when something has slipped in. More...
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    Benefits of Breakfast
    Start the Day with Protein
    Wake up 15 minutes earlier for a hearty meal in the morning. It will help your ADHDer learn all day. Try these easy ideas. More...
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    Fish Oil 101
    Alternative ADHD Treatment
    Research suggests a daily dose of omega 3s, like those found in fish oil supplements, can help curb the symptoms of attention deficit. More...
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    The Sugar Wars
    Bring Our Your Child's Sweet Side
    Cutting back on sweeteners, natural and artificial, is possible even all year long with these substitutions. More...
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    Eating Tips for Teens
    Bend the Rules
    If your teen wants fajitas for breakfast, let her eat protein when and where she wants it — anything to keep symptoms in check and meds working well. More...