The Facts About ADHD

ADD Basics

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    ADHD or ADD
    Which Term Is It?
    One abbreviation applies to the condition with hyperactivity AND when it comes with daydreamy symptoms. More...
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    FAQ About ADHD
    Everything You Need to Know
    What is it? Is there a cure? How do I know if I have it? We've got answers. More...
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    Can Children Outgrow ADHD?
    Determining the Need for Medication
    Two-thirds of children with ADHD continue to grapple with the condition throughout adulthood. Decide if kids still need meds one year at a time. More...
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    Focus on Hyperfocus
    The Flip Side of Distraction
    You might not know about the other side of ADHD, the tendency for kids and adults to focus very intently on things that interest them. More...
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    ADHD Coaches
    What They Do, and How They Help
    It's a popular treatment option that can help you get through day-to-day tasks, or accomplish loftier goals. Here's how to find the right one for you. More...
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    The ADHD Mind
    Diagnosis and Treatment Information
    ADHD is not like pregnancy, where there is no “almost” or “a little bit.” It occurs along a continuum of severity. More...
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    Did Therapy Help You?
    Real Talk from Real ADHD Adults
    We asked, "How does therapy improve your outlook and ADHD symptoms?” Here’s what you had to say. More...
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    Ditching ADHD Shame
    Tidy vs. Spontaneous
    "The world is full of many different kinds of people with many different kinds of brains -- and it helps to try to understand how other people tick." More...
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    Brain Imaging
    What You Need to Know About SPECT Scans
    Dr. Daniel Amen has performed more than 94,000 brain scans. Here, he discusses how SPECT scans have changed the way Amen Clinics diagnoses and treats people with ADHD. More...
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    It's in the Genes
    A Biological Connection
    Children who have ADHD usually have at least one close relative who also has it, and at least one-third of all fathers with ADD in their youth have kids with the condition. More...
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    ADHD + Aging
    When Symptoms Change Over Time
    Your memory becomes a little less sharp as you age. Does this compound the effect of ADHD traits? More...
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    Early Warning Signs
    7 Executive Function Deficits
    If parents notice their child is behind in one of these key skill areas, it can help them set up an early detection system for ADHD. More...
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    The Americans with Disabilities Act
    What it Means for People with ADHD
    Do I have to tell my employer I have ADHD to get accommodations? Answers to this question and more. More...
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    Overcoming Naysayers
    How to Silence ADHD Skeptics
    ADHD is a medical condition just like diabetes. Let's offer people with it our support, not blame them for their failure to “fix” themselves. More...
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    Do You Speak ADHD?
    Common Terms with a Side of Humor
    You'll relate to the times your condition takes you on an ADDventure, usually pursued when you’re distracted by some boring, compulsory task that has a deadline. More..
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    Difficulty Accepting a Diagnosis
    3 Reasons It's Hard for Parents
    When a mother seeks a reason for her child's behavior, sometimes spouses or family can resist the ADHD label. Here's why. More...
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    "Don't Call It a Disorder"
    What I'd Never Change About Having ADHD
    "My brain knows enthusiasm as few other brains do, but it also knows disappointment. It tries — oh, boy, does it ever try — but then it shows up at the wrong place on the wrong day..." - Dr. Ned Hallowell More...