Essential Guide to ADHD Medications

ADHD Medications, Side Effects, and More

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    Starting an ADHD Medication?
    9 Questions to Ask Your Doctor
    Before starting any new ADHD medication regimen, be sure to ask your doctor these essential questions. More...
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    Adjusting Your Treatment Plan
    Say No to Side Effects
    ADHD medications can cause side effects including headaches, sleep problems, and a blunted appetite. How to kick bad reactions to the curb. More...
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    Developing a Resistance?
    How to Switch Meds Safely
    Are you considering switching medications due to side effects or diminishing benefits? Here's what you should know. More...
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    Just Diagnosed?
    Q&A for Adults New to ADHD
    Confused about the term stimulant? Concerned about building up a tolerance? Answers to your most common ADD medication questions. More...
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    Mixing Medications
    ADHD Meds and Over-The-Counter Drugs
    If you take an ADHD medication, do you have to worry about using certain over-the-counter medications? Expert safety guidelines. More...
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    Considering a Drug Holiday?
    The Smart Way to Do It
    There's a sensible way to discontinue ADD drugs. Read this if you're considering a "drug holiday" for yourself or your child. More...
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    What Worked for Us
    Real Treatment Solutions from ADDitude Readers
    Real parents of ADHD children and real ADD adults share how they found the best treatment plans for their unique symptoms. More...
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    Maximize Benefits
    7 Rules for Using ADHD Meds Safely
    Getting a correct diagnosis and staying in touch with your doctor are two easy ways to make sure your medication does what it should. More...
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    The ADHD Brain
    Will Meds Squelch My Creativity?
    Worried about how medication will affect your artistic spirit? One very personal perspective. More...
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    Your Heart on ADHD Medication
    Is Cardiac Screening Always Necessary?
    Steven E. Nissen, M.D., on the FDA's new label advising cardiac screening for those considering ADHD medications. More...
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    Medication Considerations
    Are ADHD Meds a Controlled Substance?
    Take ADHD meds and go to college, or don’t take meds and join the Marines? Experts answer. More...
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    Pregnant? Nursing?
    Safety of ADHD Medication for Moms
    Can ADD medications harm your developing fetus or pass through breast milk? Critical information for mothers. More...