The Secret Powers of ADHD Moms

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    SuperMom Is Just a Myth
    Smart Parenting Tips for ADHD Moms
    Simple is better. How to lead a happier, calmer household with a help from the whole family. More...
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    SAHM with ADHD?
    8 Life-Saving Tips and Tricks
    Managing a household is hell for anyone with executive-function difficulties. These smart organization systems will help. More...
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    No One's Perfect
    How to Let Go of Perfectionism
    You like things done right. That's cool, until your perfectionism stops you from moving forward or leads to unhealthy self-criticism. More...
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    Simplify Your Kitchen
    Expert Tips for Hassle-Free Meals
    Makeover your kitchen to make meal-preparation easier. More...
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    Kill the Chaos Once and For All
    How to Get Your Life in Order — Now!
    Strategies for tackling those nagging household, discipline, and school challenges that are so easy to avoid. More...
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    Staying Ahead of Symptoms
    A Washday Workaround
    One woman's trick for conquering piles and piles of clothes in every room. More...
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    School Survival Guide
    Set Up Your Family for Academic Success
    Morning routines. Homework. School events. How to keep it all running smoothly so your child can concentrate on learning. More...
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    Managing a Dual Diagnosis
    5 Fixes for Out-of-Control Moms
    Solutions to common problems with time management, meal-planning, and home organization. More...
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    Housework Helpers
    Keep Every Room Clean and Orderly
    Learn to straighten up, do laundry, and clean like a pro. More...
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    Book Review
    When Moms and Kids Have ADD
    Feel like the blind leading the blind? This book proves you're too hard on yourself — and in-control parenting in within reach. More...
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    Free Expert Podcast
    10-Step Plan for Moms of ADHD Kids
    Learn the tools you need to run an ADHD household, recharge your batteries, and reconnect with your spouse. Listen to This Episode Now!
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    Raising a Role Model
    Michael Phelps' Mom on ADHD
    Olympic superstar Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9. He went on to win a record-setting 18 gold medals. More...
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    My ADHD Story
    "They Don't Call Me Messy Jessie For Nothing"
    Although ADHD has its share of struggles, she views her ADHD as a learning experience. More...
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    Get Dinner on the Table
    Tips for Moms With ADHD
    These expert tips should help parents get food on the table fast — and without meltdowns! Start slideshow...