Good Behavior = Better Learning

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    Harness Hyperactivity
    Channel Excess Energy
    Strategies for parents and teachers to accommodate ADHD kids' constant need to move. More...
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    Impulse Control
    Help Kids Think Before They Act
    Establishing clear expectations and predictable consequences can help keep impulsivity under control. More...
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    Fidgets for Focus
    Fun Objects to Fiddle With
    "Fidgets," or small objects that keep hands busy, can keep your ADHD kid focused on what's important at school. Find Fidgets...
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    Student of the Month
    A Mother's Story
    "When my son was recognized for his kindness and helpfulness, I felt as proud as a mom could." More...
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    Interrupting in Class
    Stop Calling Out
    Kids with ADHD may struggle to keep quiet in class. Here, strategies to help them stop talking out of turn. More...
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    High School Behavior
    Solutions for Teachers
    How teachers of students with ADHD can keep the peace in their classrooms by learning to defuse anger. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Parenting Expert
    Keep Your Hands to Yourself!
    "My son is bright and curious, but his teacher complains that his 'grabbiness' interferes with class." Read the expert response now...
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    Stoplight System
    Improve ADHD Behavior
    A straightforward system to green-light your ADHD child for better behavior at home and in school. More...
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    Life Story
    "My Battle with ADD"
    In a prize-winning essay about overcoming obstacles, an ADHDer explains the effects of ADD on his life. More...
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    Boost Grades by Asking Questions
    How to Energize Learning
    Teaching them to ask questions is a great strategy to help ADHD children retain information and get excited about learning. Read more...
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    Ask the ADHD Behavior Expert
    "What Can I Do About My Son's Behavior?"
    How parents can address common ADHD behavior challenges in the classroom — like interrupting the teacher and not sitting still. Read more...