How to Focus When It Matters Most

Stronger Focus — Day by Day

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    Stop, Listen, Understand!
    Supercharge Listening Skills
    When ADHD kids don't pay attention, teachers can get frustrated and learning falls apart. Here, tips for boosting listening and retention. More...
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    Not Paying Attention?
    Keep Kids From Drifting Off
    Is your child a daydreamer? Imagination is wonderful, but sustained focus is also essential at school. Keep them on track with these tips. More...
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    Focus Distracted Children
    Creative Ways to Keep ADHDers Engaged
    Changing up teaching methods and minimizing distractions can help ADHD kids pay attention to their lessons. More...
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    Fun Alternative Treatments
    Video Games that Improve Focus
    ADDitude screens 4 computer games that may actually build focus and concentration skills in your ADHD child. More...
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    The Benefits of Play
    How Recess Promotes Focus
    For kids with or without ADHD, recess is an essential activity that improves focus and behavior back in the classroom. More...
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    Improve Focus
    8 Expert-Tested Methods
    Doctors, coaches, and authors share their tried-and-true secrets for getting and staying focused. More...
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    Book Review
    Fidget to Focus
    ADDitude reviews Fidget to Focus , by Roland Stotz and Sarah Wright, which includes strategies to enhance concentration. More...
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    Natural Alternatives
    Find Your Focus Without Medication
    Experts suggest time-tested, natural ADHD treatments and techniques for curbing distractibility. More...
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    Ask the ADD Learning Expert
    Daydreaming In Class
    "My son's daydreams in class and sometimes misses assignments. What can he do to jerk himself back to attention?" Read the expert response...
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    Life Story
    How the MotivAider Helped My Daughter
    ADHD parenting blogger Kay Marner discusses a high-tech solution to her daughter Natalie's focus problems. More...
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    Video Game Victory!
    3 Video Games That Boost Executive Function
    Build focus, organization, and problem-solving skills with these expert-recommended video games for kids with ADHD. Read more...
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    Just Pay Attention!
    Why ADD Kids Can't Focus On Demand
    We don't expect diabetics to, "Just control their blood sugar," so why do we expect kids with ADHD to summon attention on cue? Read more...
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    Is He Time Blind?
    How to Help Your ADDer Understand Time
    12 tips for getting your ADHD kid to better comprehend time — and use it more efficiently. Read more...
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    11 Meals to Fuel the Brain
    Improve Concentration & Mental Stamina
    These easy-to-make meals, for any time of day, contain the protein and ADHD-friendly vitamins and minerals needed to optimize brain power. More...
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    Ask the Doctor
    6 How-Tos About Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    Sandy Newmark, M.D., explains what parents need to know about omega-3 fatty acid supplements. More...