Building Friendship Skills at School

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    Social Skills Apps
    High-Tech Solutions
    Stronger social skills could be a tap and a slide away, with these 8 friendship-boosting apps. More...
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    Tease-Proof Your Preteen
    Tips for Teaching Social Cues
    Practicing social skills at home will make school a much friendlier place for your ADHD preteen. More...
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    Teaching Teamwork
    ADHD in the Classroom
    ADHD students can achieve real social gains through group learning. Here are 5 tips for teachers. see more...
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    Acting Out Social Situations
    Role-playing strategies to help your child practice getting along with all types of classmates — even bullies. More...
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    Middle School Social Success
    Develop Your Child's Social Network
    Help your child navigate new peer dynamics as she enters the dreaded and feared middle-school era. More...
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    3 Books That Work Magic
    How Reading Builds Social Skills
    Picture books can teach friendship skills in a safe, colorful way that really engages and resonates. Read more...
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    "I'm Too Upset to Learn."
    How Emotions Impact Learning for ADHD Kids
    Sometimes, our kids will be faced with difficult emotions at school. Uncover the root causes of her challenges with this 4-step process. Read more...
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    Insights from Top ADHD Camps
    8 Best Bets for Social Skills
    Three social-skills experts from top ADHD summer camps offer their favorite tips for developing your child's most important social skills. More...
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    Social Superstar
    Kindergarten Social Skills
    The transition to kindergarten can be tough. Help your child make friends with these social strategies. More...
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    Social Solutions
    Making Friends in the Classroom
    Tips for teachers to help ADHD children develop social skills at school and forge lasting friendships. More...
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    Life Story
    "How I Beat the School Bully"
    Does your ADHD child face torment at school? Learn how this ADHDer and his mom beat the class bully! More...
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    And So It Was Learned...
    Storytime for Social Skills
    Forget lectures. Tell a fun fable to help your child grasp important lessons on friendship. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Parenting Expert
    Child Aggression at School
    "I'm told that my five-year-old ADHD son is aggressive at school. What should I do?" read the expert response now...
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    Easy as 1, 2, 3...
    How to Develop Social Skills
    If your child struggles in social situations, use these three strategies to give him the tools to thrive. More...