ADHD-Friendly Sports & Activities

Activities They Will Love

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    Martial Arts for ADHD
    Improve Self-Esteem, Focus & Coordination
    How the structure of martial arts classes help kids with ADHD practice self control and personal awareness. More...
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    Let's Get Physical
    Daily Exercise Ideas for Kids
    Aerobic exercise can help kids improve attention, sharpen social skills, and learn more effectively. Learn how to incorporate physical activity into your child's routine. More...
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    Athletic Accommodations
    How to Level the Playing Field
    How to help your child's coach or gym teacher bring out her best on the court, the track, or the field. It's all about communication... More...
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    Find Activities Kids Love
    Find Your Passion. Boost Your Confidence.
    Being really good at june one thing — that's all it takes to bolster a child's self esteem and confidence, which helps in the classroom and at home, too. More...
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    Ask the Parenting Expert
    Staying Focused During Sports
    "My daughter has off days as a baseball pitcher. How can I help her stay in the game?" More...
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    Sports-Behavior Connection
    How Athletics Strengthen Life Skills
    Practicing sports can help kids with ADHD practice thinking about and controlling their behavior. More...
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    Game On
    Picking Sports for ADHD Kids
    The best sports for ADHDers, and how to decide if a team or individual sport is better for your child. More...
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    To Play or Not To Play?
    How to Help Your Child Reap Sports' Benefits
    Learning not to hog the ball can help kids make progress socially on the court and in the rest of their lives. More...
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    Get Off the Couch!
    5 Ways to Get Your Kids Moving
    How to lure your child away from Mario Kart and into real, physical activities that will keep him healthy — and happy. More...