An ADHD Handbook for Teachers

Tips by Teachers, for Teachers

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    Dear Teacher:
    What You Should Know About My ADHD
    A young boy's message to his teacher about unlocking his gifts and working with his needs in the classroom. More...
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    Great Expectations
    Classroom Rules for ADHD Kids
    How to establish clear expectations, incentives, and consequences for all students in a classroom that fosters uninterrupted learning. More...
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    Say It Only Once
    How to Get Their Attention - Quick
    How to give instructions that ADHD students will hear, understand, and follow — the first time. More...
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    Expert Checklist
    7 Steps to Powerful Teaching
    Remember that inconsistency is a hallmark of ADHD. Plus 6 more teacher tips for starting the year on a positive, energized note. More...
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    1, 2, 3 — All Eyes on Me
    How to Draw Students' Focus
    Educational consultant Sandra Rief offers 6 strategies for getting ADHD kids to stop, listen, and comply. More...
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    See. Hear. Touch.
    50 Ways to Help Learning Happen
    50 ways to adjust your teaching methods for students' distinct learning styles — auditory, visual, tactile. More...
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    Expert Blog
    "Teacher, I Need Your Help!"
    "I am not crazy, lazy, bad, or stupid." And other things every ADHD student wants their teacher to understand. More...
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    Executive Function Disorder
    Understanding Deficits in Analyzing, Organizing
    Students with EFD struggle with the linear process of planning, organizing, and completing an assignment. More...
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    Whole-Group Learning
    How to Encourage Class Participation
    Some ADHD students hesitate the raise their hands. Others blurt out too often. Here are strategies for getting everyone to participate. More...
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    Instruction Manual
    How to Give ADHD-Friendly Directions
    Even when they try to listen closely, ADHD students often miss specific steps or instructions. Here's how to make the important stuff stick. More...
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    The Well-Balanced School Day
    Why You Should Begin Each Day with T'ai Chi
    How to transform your classroom into a stimulating hub of learning with some healthy variety and steady rules for children with and without ADHD. More...
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    Focus in the Classroom
    7 Ways to Keep Students Involved
    If you're not appealing to ADHD children, they aren't learning! Grab their attention with these classroom strategies. More...
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    Teaching Textbook
    How to Teach Spelling to ADHD/Dyslexic Kids
    4 creative solutions to the most common problems that children with ADHD and dyslexia face when learning to spell new words. More...
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    ADDitude Blog
    What to Do When the School Doesn't Get Your Child
    When a teacher blames laziness for her son's ADHD symptoms, one mom finds school accommodations to help his attention deficit, dyslexia, and self esteem. More...
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    Doing Lessons Right
    How to Get Through to ADHD/LD Kids
    Reach all of the students in your class, including the non-traditional learners, by adopting these teaching techniques. More...
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    "I'm Too Upset to Learn."
    How Emotions Impact Learning for ADHD Kids
    Sometimes, our kids will be faced with difficult emotions at school. Uncover the root causes of her challenges with this 4-step process. Read more...
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    Expert Q&A
    A Teacher's Inappropriate Discipline
    How parents should react when they suspect a teacher is enforcing unfair or demeaning consequences for ADHD behavior. More...
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    Get the Teacher On Your Side
    9 Tips for Enlisting a Supportive Teacher
    Teachers often dictate the success or failure of a child's education. Here's how to get the teacher on your side. More...