How to Master Your Time

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    Dr. Hallowell's Time-Saving Tips
    9 Secrets to Stressing Less
    Ned Hallowell, M.D., helps ADD adults slow down, take a deep breath, and reduce stress in their busy lives. See more...
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    Never Run Late Again
    How to Show Up on Time — Every Time
    Showing up to work late and unprepared again? Try these 6 strategies to make sure you're always fashionably early. See more...
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    Don't Miss Another Deadline
    10 Secrets to Always Finishing On Time
    Try this 10-point-plan for making sure you leave enough time and energy to execute a great finished product with time to spare. See more...
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    Time Management and Marriage
    Understanding Your Partner's Time Style
    Are differences in time management causing stress in your marriage? Use these five strategies to calm the tension. See more...
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    Procastination Shame
    Break Away from the Guilt
    An ADHDer shares his story of overcoming one of ADHD's most embarrassing behaviors — procrastination. See more...
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    Brass Tacks
    How to Get Stuff Done
    Boost your productivity and restore people's faith in your abilities with this get-it-done guide for ADHD adults.
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    10 Time-Management Tips
    Tips for the Overbooked, Rushed, and Tired
    How to avoid the time-management traps of squeezing in one more thing, pleasing everyone but yourself, starting the day off stressed, and hiding behind your ADHD. More...
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    Procrastination Cures
    Light a Fire Under Your Brain
    These strategies for productivity might not belong in a time management book — but they work for our ADHD Tribe. More...
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    Ask the Expert
    Reduce Imaptience and Finish Projects
    "I rarely finish tasks because I want my reward NOW. Do you have strategies to counter my impatience?" Read the expert response...
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    10 Ways to Get More Done At Work
    Career Advice for ADHD Adults
    Keep a written record of all requests. Begin the day with your Top 10 list. And more ways to be productive on the job. More...
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    Talk to Yourself!
    Boost Productivity with Positive Self-Talk
    Ditching personal put-downs will help attention deficit adults build confidence — and accomplish more tasks. See more...
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    Routine Night, Focused Morning
    4 Strategies for a Better Workday
    The secret to a stress-free, organized, on-time morning begins with starting your routine the night before. See more...
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    Stay-On-Task Tool for ADHD Adults
    Download InstantBoss to help you stay on task and on time at work — without overloading your brain. See more...