Alternative ADHD Treatment Guide

Non-Drug Solutions for ADHD

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    The ADHD Diet
    Finding the Food-Symptom Connection
    An elimination diet can pinpoint the foods that are hurting or helping the condition. Then you can add more protein, or cut sugars and food dyes as needed. Here's how. More...
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    How to Use Supplements
    6 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
    Omega-3s for concentration. Zinc for impulsivity. Iron for better behavior. Plus three more supplements shown to improve ADHD symptoms. More...
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    Neurofeedback and More
    The Truth About Brain Training
    How to treat ADHD symptoms with working memory training, neurofeedback, and meditation. More...
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    Change How You Think
    Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    CBT instills practical strategies for solving 3 of the most common ADHD problems: time management, organization, and planning. More...
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    Tune in to Tranquility
    Finding Peace of Mind with Meditation
    There are no wrong ways to do it. Walking or listening to music while meditating can work well for active ADHDers. More...
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    Hire Outside Help
    Finding an ADHD Coach
    A professional can give you the tools to succeed with ADHD and assist you with structured and realistic goal setting. Here's how to find the right one. More...
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    Fitness Facts
    Boost Brain Function with Exercise
    Physical activity stimulates the release of compounds your brain loves, promotes new brain-cell growth, and keeps the brain operating at peak efficiency. More...
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    Fish Oil
    How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Work
    Research suggests a daily fish oil capsule can help curb the symptoms of attention deficit without medication. More...
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    Brain Training Systems
    3 Ways to Bolster Working Memory
    These brain training therapies offer fun and games with a serious purpose: increasing focus. More...
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    Animal Aides
    Equine Assisted Therapy
    Horses have an uncanny ability to mirror the emotions of their handlers, which can help ADHDers develop better social observation skills. More...
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    Green Time
    How Outside Exercise Can Ease Symptoms
    Research shows "green" time can lead to an increased ability to focus. More...
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    Personal Story
    "I Didn't Care About Anything."
    How neurofeedback helped one teenager with ADHD to reduce impulsivity and increase attentiveness. More...
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    ADHD and Hypnosis
    Can Hypnotherapy Help Symptoms?
    Hypnosis produces a relaxed state of heightened focus that increases receptivity to suggestions, like going to bed at 10pm each night. More...
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    ADHD-Friendly Meditation
    How to Practice Mindfulness
    How simple mindfulness techniques can help you keep calm when dealing with your kid's outbursts, behavior problems, and meltdowns. More...
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    The Food Fix
    ADHD-Friendly Meal Ideas
    Dietary changes may improve the symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity in ADHD kids. Cook up an ADHD-friendly diet with these menu suggestions. More...
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    Hear Yourself Speak
    Improve Sensory Function with Forbrain
    Learn to focus on your own voice; it will help you pay better attention to everyone around you, too. More...
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    Emerging Therapy
    Is Neurofeedback for You?
    Proponents say neurofeedback promotes dramatic improvements in attention and self-regulation — but some experts are skeptical. More...
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    Animal Therapy
    How Pets Can Help ADHD
    Caring for a rescued pet can help people with ADHD develop confidence in their abilities, hone their focus, and find a lifelong friend. More...
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    Find Your Focus
    Curb Distractibility
    Create buffers to stay on task–a doodle, a fidget, exercise, a song–that will keep you from interrupting and let you hone in on work to get more done. More...