Assembling Your Treatment Team

Finding What Works for You

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    Picking the Right Professional
    Who Can Diagnose ADHD?
    Titles and job descriptions can be confusing, especially in the alphabet soup of PhDs, MDs, LCSWs and others. What's the difference? More...
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    Narrowing Down Your Options
    How to Find the Best Care
    Trust and comfort can make or break any treatment plan. Use these guidelines to help you find an ADHD specialist you're comfortable with. More...
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    5 Important Steps
    Finding the DESIRE to Manage Your ADHD
    It takes a diagnosis, education, structure, individual responsibility, and energy. Here's how to do it. More...
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    Going to the Doctor
    What to Do Before Your Appointment
    Come with a list of questions and concerns you want to discuss during the visit. The more specific, the better! More...
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    Choosing a Physician for Your Child
    Building a Team You Can Trust
    With so many overlapping symptoms, and a dizzying lineup of specialists, parents can lose time and sleep researching the best way forward. This advice can help. More...
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    Finding a Specialist
    Decoding Professional Titles
    So what does that person actually DO for ADHD? This handy table will explain each specialty. More...
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    When to Fire Your Doctor
    Does Your Treatment Measure Up?
    Your physician should want to get to know you and your disorder - not just rush you out the door. More...
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    A Guide to ADHD Coaching
    Understanding Credentials and Experience
    Ask these questions to gauge a coach's balance between experience, ADHD-specific knowledge, and personal connection. More...
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    The Right Way to Get the Right Diagnosis
    Unlike diabetes or heart disease, ADHD can’t be detected with a blood test or scan. Instead, you need a qualified clinician. Start here! More...
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    Psychologist or Coach
    Which One Is for Me?
    In general, psychologists facilitate healing, while ADHD coaches facilitate action. How to pick which will help you meet your goals? More...
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    The Essentials
    What ADHD Is and What It Is Not
    What your doctor needs to know to rule out related conditions and to pinpoint ADHD. More...
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    Get Support!
    Find or Start an ADHD Support Group
    If you're looking for tips, doctor recommendations, or just a shoulder to cry on, you might want to try an ADHD support group. More...