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    Addressing Language Deficits
    16 ADHD-Friendly Teaching Strategies
    Don't deduct points for bad handwriting. Allow dictated assignments. Teach 'self-questioning.' And other methods for building stronger language skills. More...
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    Is it ADHD or APD?
    Identifying Auditory Processing Disorder
    When kids have trouble screening out background noise, their reactions can be similar to ADHD. How to Tell the Difference...
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    When It's LD — Not ADHD
    What's Really Holding Back Your Child?
    Trouble with letters and words could point to a learning disability above and beyond ADHD. Here's how to decipher the symptoms. More...
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    Cogmed Working Memory Training
    What You Need to Know About Cogmed
    Much more than a brain-building gizmo, this software is serious business—reducing inattention and hyperactivity and improving memory in children with ADHD. More...
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    Trouble Following Directions?
    APD, explained
    Kids with APD can hear, but fall short of listening. Here's How to Help...
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    Auditory Processing Disorder
    Struggling to Differentiate Sounds?
    APD is a glitch in the brain's ability to filter and process sounds and words. Learn what technologies and accommodations can help your child hear what you hear. More...
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    "I Forgot to Remember."
    Working Memory Help for ADHD Kids
    Sound familiar? Try these strategies - tested by a real ADHD mom - to improve your kid's working memory. Read more...
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    Working Memory, Explained
    Remember Your Homework!
    Working memory is essential at school. Learn why, plus follow these easy tips to help your child retain more. Read more...
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    ADHD + LD= 1 Challenge
    15 Ways to Deal
    Read our checklist for parents to help kids cope with ADHD and LD like dyslexia. More...
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    It Takes Time
    Speed vs. Accuracy in Reading
    Kids with ADHD may process language more slowly, but no less accurately than their peers. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Learning Expert
    "What Is Slow Processing Speed?"
    Understanding the auditory and visual processing challenges that may slow down learning for ADHD children. More...
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    Asking for Assistance
    Teaching Kids to Self Advocate
    Kids with slow language processing might need to ask for an extra minute to answer. Learn How to Help Them Ask...
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    Video Game Victory!
    3 Video Games That Boost Executive Function
    Build focus, organization, and problem-solving skills with these expert-recommended video games for kids with ADHD. Read more...
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    Boost Grades by Asking Questions
    How to Energize Learning
    Teaching them to ask questions is a great strategy to help ADHD children retain information and get excited about learning. Read more...
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    Ask the Accommodations Expert
    "How Do I Change My Child's IEP?"
    You can request changes to an IEP or a 504 Plan if something is not working. Here's how to do it. Read more...
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    9 Apps and Tools
    Build Better Retention
    Help your child remember more of what he works so hard to learn with this list of apps, games, and other tools. More...
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    Brain Training
    Programs to Check Out
    Sharpen attention, improve behaviors, and control emotions with our top picks for brain training programs for children and adults with ADHD. More...
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    5 Memory Games
    You Can Play These at Home
    Children with ADHD struggle with working memory, which can cause problems at school. Bolster their skills in a safe environment with these 5 fun memory games. More...