The Savvy Parent's Back-to-School Checklist

Start the School Year Right

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    Sample Schedule
    Routines That Work for ADHD Kids
    ADHD kids need consistent schedules to help them stay focused and calm. Reliable routines to follow.
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    Your ADHD Toolbox
    School Resources for Every Mind
    Books, software, and websites built for ADHD kids who learn differently. More...
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    Dr. Ned Hallowell
    6 Ways to Start School Sharp
    Think about last year's disappointments — and its successes — to address trouble spots early and often. More...
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    Diagnosis Matters
    Why a Back-to-School Evaluation Is Critical
    A formal ADHD diagnosis is not a stigma; it is a gift to help your child succeed at school. More...
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    Like Clockwork
    Kill the Morning Chaos
    How to get everyone out the door on time, every time — with everything they need for the day. More...
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    Tricky Transitions
    Help Your Child Learn to Manage Change
    As your child with ADHD faces transitions — new school, new teacher, new classes — here are 6 ways to calm his fears. More...
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    Build Up Her Confidence
    What NOT to Say to a Child with ADHD
    We all get frustrated, and say things we later regret. Here are some words you should never use to discipline your child — no matter what. More...
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    Wake Up Right
    4 Alarm Clocks for ADHD Kids
    Is every morning a battle? Use these ADHD-tested alarm clocks to get your family out the door on time. More...
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    Gadgets and Apps
    Tools That Really Work
    Moms recommend the gadgets, supplies, or programs that helped their kids excel in school. More...
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    Educational Assistance
    When Your Child Needs Extra Help
    Learn how to read the warning signs, and take action when your child needs assistance at school. How to find a tutor.
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    Ask the ADHD Education Expert
    Kindergarten at 5 or 6?
    When does it make sense to wait an extra year to start an ADHD child in kindergarten? More...
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    Expert Blog
    School Organization Hacks for ADHD Kids
    3 simple strategies for easing the transition back to school for your ADHD child. More...
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    Back-to-School Checklist
    3 Ways Every Parent Should Start the Year
    Educational consultant Michelle Davis recommends three ways to advocate for your child even before Day One. More...
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    When You Have ADHD, Too
    School Survival Guide for ADHD Moms
    Organizational strategies to help moms with attention deficit prepare for the upcoming school year. More...
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    Life Story
    "My Declaration of ADHD"
    "The history of my life with ADHD is a history of repeated injuries. The illness has been the cause of teasing by friends and family." — 13-year-old Kesler More...
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    Sanity Savers
    Help for Moms and Dads
    When both parent and child have ADHD, tempers can run high — fast. Here's how to keep your cool when the going gets tough. Read more...
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    Vitamin Power!
    8 Best Supplements for ADHD
    These 8 vitamins, minerals, and herbs may help boost attention and improve focus — and get your ADHDer ready for the school year ahead. Read more...