The ADDitude Guide to Bipolar Disorder

The Essentials of Bipolar Disorder

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    The Bipolar Diet
    What to Eat, What to Avoid
    Food can't cure bipolar disorder, but certain foods can improve — or worsen — symptoms. More...
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    10 Myths About Bipolar Disorder
    Separate fact from fiction by checking out these 10 common myths about bipolar disorder. More...
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    Bipolar Disorder Symptoms
    And How to Get a Correct Diagnosis
    What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder — and how can patients and doctors get a correct diagnosis? See more...
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    The ADHD-BPD Link
    What to Treat First?
    It's important to diagnose and treat bipolar disorder first, since ADHD treatment may trigger mania or worsen bipolar mood disorder. Here's how. More...
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    ADDitude Blog
    Living on the Bipolar Spectrum
    “I’m comorbid hypomanic. I like the term 'hypomanic.' It sounds easy-going, nothing to worry about, right? But 'bipolar 2' sounds kinda dangerous. But not dangerous enough for people to give you that step-back crazy space that straight 'bipolar' gets. More...
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    Manic, Bipolar, Primary, Secondary
    Understanding the Types of Depression
    Depression is nearly 3 times more common in people with ADHD than it is in the general population. Learn about types and treatments. More...
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    Untangling Symptoms
    Dealing with Multiple Conditions
    Symptoms of ADHD and bipolar disorder are often confused — and often coexist. How to make the distinctions. More...
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    6 Steps Closer to Happy
    Daily Guide to Fending Off Depression
    How adults with depression or bipolar disorder can use diet, exercise, sleep, and green time to manage their symptoms. More...
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    A Complicated Diagnosis
    Are You Sure It's Just ADHD?
    Evidence suggests that about half of all individuals with ADHD are also depressed, anxious, or living with another related condition. More...
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    Evaluation Problems
    8 Reasons Adult ADD Is Misdiagnosed
    Doctors often mistake ADHD symptoms in adults for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other conditions with overlapping symptoms. Here's why. More...
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    Lookalike Symptoms
    Differentiating Bipolar from ADHD
    Always active. Inattentive. Moody. Angry at times. Is it ADHD, bipolar disorder, or something else? More...
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    Resource Guide
    Index of Related Conditions
    Find additional information about learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, depression, tics, OCD, and other conditions related to ADHD. More...
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    Multiple Diagnoses
    10 Conditions That Show Up with ADHD
    Bipolar disorder. Depression. Anxiety. Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Learn about the conditions that show up in 80 percent of people with attention deficit disorder. More...
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    Women and Depression
    "Awareness Is My Most Powerful Tool."
    How one women is fighting — and winning — the battle against depression after years of internalizing the stigma of attention deficit. More...
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    Seasonal Affective Disorder
    6 Ways to Fight Off Winter Depression
    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder associated with depression or bipolar disorder and related to seasonal variations in light. SAD may disproportionately affect adults and children diagnosed with ADHD. More...
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    The ADHD-Depression Link
    It's a Mental Game
    They are both genetic, trigger substance abuse, impact sleep, and spark guilt. Learn more about the common traits shared by ADHD and depression. More...
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    Is It a Mood Disorder?
    Identifying and Treating
    Everything you need to know about recognizing and treating bipolar disorder, depression, and mood disorders. More...
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    Ask the Doctor
    Is it ADHD or Bipolar — or Both?
    How to tell the difference between focus and concentration problems stemming from ADHD and those sparked by the depression that comes with BP. More...
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    Is It the Illness Talking?
    When to Draw the Line with Affected Family
    Three people share their stories and how they cope when their children lash out as a symptom of bipolar disorder. More...