Understanding & Treating Depression

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    Common Comorbid Conditions
    Disorders Often Associated with ADHD
    Four out of five ADHD adults also suffer from a psychiatric condition like anxiety, depression, or OCD. Here's what to look for. More...
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    Mood Disorders
    How to Know If It's Depression
    Learn the telltale signs of mood disorders like depression, as well as symptoms, treatment options, and more. More...
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    Women and Depression
    One Woman's Battle
    After years of internalizing negative ADHD stigmas, this woman is fighting her depression — and winning. More...
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    Depression FAQ
    Common Questions about Depression
    Experts answer the most frequently-asked questions about depression and its link to ADHD. More...
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    Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Fighting Depression in the Winter
    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects many ADHD adults. Here, 6 tips to beat the winter blues. More...
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    Could it be Depression?
    If you've been suffering from hopelessness or lack of motivation, it could be depression, not ADHD. Take the quiz....
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    Happier Every Day
    A Day by Day Guide
    Small daily changes — like altering your sleep schedule or diet — can make a big impact. More...
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    Ask the Doctor
    Is it ADHD or Bipolar — or Both?
    A medical expert explains the difference between focus and concentration problems stemming from ADHD and those sparked by the depression that comes with BP. More...
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    Is It the Illness Talking?
    When to Draw the Line with Affected Family
    Three people share their stories and how they cope when their children lash out as a symptom of bipolar disorder. More...
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    ADHD Dad
    Running on Empty: Part 1
    ADDitude blogger Frank South talks about dealing with depression and ADHD in a 2-part series. More...
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    ADHD Dad
    Running on Empty: Part 2
    It took a family crisis to pull this blogger out of his hole of depression — and on the path to recovery. More...
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    Life Story
    How I Beat ADHD and Depression
    An adult ADHDer, her friend, and her therapist talk openly about depression's impact on her life. More...