Diagnosing Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia

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    Writer's Block
    Signs and Symptoms of Dysgraphia
    If your child has persistent writing problems — a tight pencil grip, unfinished words, a mixture of letter sizes — consult a special-ed expert. More...
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    Understanding Dyscalculia
    When Things Don't Add Up
    If math is a nightmare for your child, he may have a learning disability. Learn the signs here. More...
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    ADHD Video
    The Overlap Between ADHD and Dyslexia
    What if your child's reading challenges aren't about phonemic awareness or working memory? Learn about the overlap between ADHD and dyslexia here. More...
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    Beyond ADHD
    Common Symptoms of LDs
    An LD may explain why a child on ADHD medication can sit still and stay focused and yet do poorly academically. More...
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    How We Missed Her LD
    "Perhaps ADHD Wasn't the Only Problem."
    Even after our daughter was treated for ADHD, she was falling behind in school, and seemed more and more stressed. More...
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    Is it ADHD or APD?
    Identifying Auditory Processing Disorder
    When kids have trouble screening out background noise, their reactions can be similar to those of children with ADHD. How to Tell the Difference...
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    Identifying NLD
    About Nonverbal Learning Disorders
    NLD is characterized by poor motor performance and difficulty recognizing nonverbal cues like body language, facial expression, and the nuances of conversation. More...
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    Break Free
    Are Learning Disabilities Holding You Back?
    You compensated by using your natural abilities in high school, but coping strategies don't always work in college, or beyond. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Learning Expert
    "What Is Slow Processing Speed?"
    It's not a matter of having intelligence; just demonstrating it. The auditory and visual processing challenges that may slow down learning for ADHD children. More...
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    More Than ADHD?
    Detecting Early Reading Problems
    If your child resists reading aloud, guesses rather than sounds out unknown words, or doesn't recognize when words rhyme, it could be a sign of dyslexia. More...
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    Book Review
    What are Learning Disabilities?
    A book for parents explaining the step-by-step evaluation and diagnostic process, with proven strategies to help your child overcome her specific challenges. More...
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    Myths, Signs, Solutions
    The Truth About Learning Disabilities
    Could your child have a learning disability? Get expert advice on identifying and managing LDs like dyslexia and dysgraphia. More...
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    ADHD + LD = 1 Challenge
    15 Ways to Deal
    Read our checklist for parents to help kids cope with ADHD and LD like dyslexia – from setting realistic goals to having a social life. More...