The Emotional Side of Diagnosis

The Emotional Fallout of ADHD

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    Dealing with Complex Feelings
    The Post-Diagnosis Mixed Bag of Emotion
    Many adults with ADHD feel relief after a diagnosis, mixed up with regret, surprise and anger. How to deal with all the feelings the condition brings. More...
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    Wife, Sister, ADHD Adult
    Dealing with a New Identity
    After your doctor tells you that you have ADHD, it’s a whole new beginning! You need time to grieve, then you can start moving forward with a clear vision of your life post-diagnosis. More...
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    Silence Your Inner Critic
    4 Ways to Know Your Own Worth
    To stop dwelling on your shortcomings, follow these easy steps to begin focusing on strengths and victories. More...
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    Try a New Label for ADHD
    "My Suggestion is Misunderstood Genius"
    If people can't see the brilliance and visionary talent that can come along with ADHD, that's their problem. More...
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    "Don't Call It a Disorder"
    What I'd Never Change About Having ADHD
    "My brain knows enthusiasm as few other brains do, but it also knows disappointment. It tries — oh, boy, does it ever try — but then it shows up at the wrong place on the wrong day..." - Dr. Ned Hallowell More...
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    Don't Settle for Second Best
    Go for What Makes You Happy
    ADD is no reason to lower your personal expectations or goals. You deserve things that make you smile. More...
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    Stop the Cycle of Shame!
    Why Early Diagnosis Is So Critical
    The stigma of unrecognized ADHD symptoms can put women through years of low self-confidence, shame, and psychological damage. More...
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    Life Story
    "What Normal Feels Like"
    After finally being diagnosed with ADHD, one woman's bursts of anger and disorganization fell into place. What She Wished She Knew...
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    Ditching ADHD Shame
    Tidy vs. Spontaneous
    "The world is full of many different kinds of people with many different kinds of brains -- and it helps to try to understand how other people tick." More...
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    How We're Different
    Why It's OK to Stand Out from the Crowd
    There's an assumption that ADDers could and should be like everyone else. Here's why unique is not bad. More...
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    Owning Up to ADHD
    Fighting Against Societal Shame
    Many claim that ADHD is a result of bad parenting. Wrong. Learn how to ignore that myth and accept yourself. More...
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    Our Readers' Best Advice
    Coming to Terms with Adult ADHD
    Real people with ADHD share their most useful tips for managing life with the condition - challenges and all. More...
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    Win with ADHD
    Feeling Freed from Distraction
    How a late-in-life diagnosis can be an opportunity to revisit the stuff you've been doing that might not serve you well. More...
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    End the Excuses
    Make a Plan to Feel Good About Yourself
    Stop taking the blame when things go wrong, and use this three step process to observe and evaluate your behavior. More...