How to Talk About ADHD

Explaining ADHD

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    Explaining ADHD to Your Child
    What is ADHD? A Primer for Kids
    How to explain attention deficit as a powerful tool, and help your child work to hone it every day. More...
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    Parent Toolbox
    Sample Dialogue for Talking About ADHD
    How to answer the most common questions kids ask about their diagnosis, like, "Will I always have it?" More...
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    Defying Doubters
    Sharing the Truth About ADHD
    You’ve told them a dozen times that she has ADD, but they “don’t believe in it.” Here's how to deal. More...
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    "I Am Not a Bad Person."
    What Your Child Wants the World to Know
    A boy with ADHD writes a heartfelt letter about what it feels like to have the condition, and how people perceive him. More...
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    Telling Your Child About ADHD
    How to Explain the Diagnosis
    "I don't want my nine-year-old son to feel different. What is the best way to explain his diagnosis?" More...
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    What NOT to Say to Parents
    10 Misperceptions About ADHD
    Despite iron-clad medical evidence to the contrary, ADHD is still considered by many to be nothing more than poor parenting. see more...
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    6 Tips for Parents of ADHD Kids
    Fending Off Feelings of Isolation and Self-Pity
    Parents need outside support and help. These strategies will give you the break and mental refresher you need. More...
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    ADHD 2.0
    Questions in Middle School
    New school. New challenges. New ADHD struggles. Use these tips to help kids adjust to their new reality. More...
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    How We Helped Our Child Understand ADHD
    I compare ADHD to a VCR on which you have to hit the pause button every 30 seconds or so. More...
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    10 Phrases to Ban
    When Talking to Your ADHD Child
    "You should be ashamed." "I love you, but..." And other things you should never say. More...
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    Communication Skills
    What's on Your Mind?
    Do you have a tough time getting through to your ADHD child? Here's how to get her to open up. More...
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    Life Story
    Being the Parent Your Son Needs
    How one dad came to understand understand that his son can't "just eat" or "just get it done faster." More...
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    You Rocked That!
    Boost Her Self-Esteem
    Kids with ADHD and learning disabilities too often feel badly about themselves. Here's how parents can pump up their academic and social esteem. More...