Fine-Tuning Your ADHD Treatment

Better Treatment, Better You

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    It's All in the Details
    Optimal Treatment for ADHD
    ADHD affects us all differently. Understanding the specifics of YOUR attention deficit can help you better plan your treatment. See more...
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    Better Treatment Starts Today
    When to Fire Your Doctor
    Rushes you through or brushes you off? Dr. Hallowell on when it's time to find a new ADHD specialist. More...
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    ADHD Professionals
    Making Sense of Your Options
    Psychologist. Psychiatrist. Pediatrician. What's the best route for ADHD treatment? More...
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    ADHD Solutions
    11 Powerful Treatments You've Never Tried
    These ADHD-friendly therapies are based on how ADHDers think, feel, and live, really work. More...
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    Expert Q&A
    Building Up a Tolerance?
    "My son did well on Strattera for six months, but then his symptoms returned. Is he building up a tolerance?" More...
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    Secrets of ADHD Treatment
    Making Treatment Personal
    You have ADHD — so your treatment plan should be based on how people with attention deficit think, feel, and live. See more...
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    Stimulants and Reflux
    Is There a Connection?
    "My daughter was recently diagnosed with reflux. Could this have anything to do with her stimulant medication?" See more...
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    Controlling Anxiety
    After-Effects of ADHD Medications
    "When my stimulant medication wears off, I start to feel very anxious. Is there anything I can do to tweak my treatment?" See more...
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    Expert Answers
    Fixes to Common Side Effects
    Search our database of expert solutions to frequent questions about ADHD medication side effects. More...
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    9 Questions to Ask Before...
    ...Starting a New Medication
    What studies have been done? What if we miss a dose? How soon will we see improvement? More...
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    My Worst Side Effect
    Readers Share Their Stories
    Dry mouth? Changes in blood pressure? Problems falling asleep? We asked ADDitude readers what the worst side effect they had to deal with was. See more...
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    7 Types of ADD
    And How to Treat Each One
    Dr. Daniel Amen has identified 7 types of ADHD — and a a treatment plan for each. More...
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    20 Reasons to Hire a Coach
    Meet Your Goals...With a Little Help!
    20 ways an ADHD coach can help you overcome problems with scheduling, organization, and more! See more...
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    Coaching FAQ
    Everything You Need to Know About ADHD Coaching
    The ADD Coach is like having a personal trainer for your brain. Is this something you could use? See more...
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    Get Support!
    Find or Start an ADHD Support Group
    If you're looking for tips, doctor recommendations, or just a shoulder to cry on, you might want to try an ADHD support group. More...