Parents' Guide to Building Social Skills

How to Make Forever Friends

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    The Best Types of Activities
    Not Just Teammates — Friends
    You've signed her up for soccer or ballet — but it takes more than showing up to spark new friendships. Here's how to help. More...
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    ADHD Toolbox
    Toys That Teach Social Skills
    These mazes, blocks, and play sets build friendship skills by showing your child how their words and actions impact others. More...
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    17 Steps to Social Success
    Become Your Child's Friendship Coach
    Observe your child in social settings, and then find the right sport or playmate match for an emotional happy ending. More...
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    Find Lasting Friendships
    Guide Your Child Through Sticky Social Situations
    Parental involvement is essential for ADHD kids. Supervise play dates, tweak a medication dosage, and be sure to keep things in perspective! More...
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    5 Playdate Rules
    5 Socializing Tips for Your ADHDer
    Keep your child's friends coming back by teaching good hosting skills that make playdates fun. More...
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    Someone to Play With
    When Friendships Don't Come Easily
    Understanding what your child is up against, and savoring success when it comes, can make all the difference. More...
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    Life Story
    "Friends for My Daughter—Finally"
    For my daughter, who struggles with the social consequences of ADHD, friends are a precious gift. More...
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    Acting Out Social Situations
    Role-playing strategies to help your child practice getting along with all types of classmates — even bullies. More...
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    Tease-Proof Your Preteen
    Tips for Teaching Social Cues
    Practicing social skills at home will make school a much friendlier place for your ADHD preteen. More...
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    Summer Camp for Social Smarts
    How to Build Skills When School Is Out
    The casual, outdoor gatherings of summer are a perfect opportunity to build your child's social skills in a stress-free environment. Here's how. More...
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    ...And So It Was Learned
    Storytime for Social Skills
    Forget lectures. Tell a fun fable to help your child grasp important lessons on friendship. More...