A Parent's Guide to ADHD Teens

Teens and Tweens with ADHD

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    ADHD Boys
    Inside the Mind of a Teenage Boy
    Adolescent boys want independence and autonomy, but sometimes they need more. How an ADHD role model can make all the difference. More...
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    Win Over Your Defiant Teen!
    How to Break the Cycle of Negativity
    Start by paying positive attention some of the time (instead of paying negative attention all the time) and learning to ignore minor indiscretions. More...
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    Handing Over the Reins
    Is it Time for More Responsibility?
    Learn to step back and help only when your teen really, truly needs it. How to use texts or notes to give nudges instead of in-person reminders. More...
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    Road Rules
    Driven to Distraction No More
    Drivers with ADHD are 45% more likely to have a traffic accident. Here are safe driving rules to help your teen keep her eyes — and attention — on the road. More...
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    Your Worried Daughter
    Signs of an Anxiety Disorder
    25% of girls with ADHD also have an anxiety condition. Constant worry about "what-if" scenarios and pulling away from friends are two signs. More...
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    Dealing with Guilt, Anger, and Grief
    Make Time to Take Care of Yourself
    ADHD doesn't define your teen. Don't let it define your parent-child relationship. A parent's guide to working through feelings of grief or resentment. More...
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    A Parent's Guide
    Getting Along with Your ADHD Teen
    Real parents' strategies for getting past the battles, encouraging their passions, and keeping academics a constant priority. More...
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    Teen Treatment Tips
    Managing Meds in High School
    Answers to teens' questions about ADHD meds: How can I build muscle if I'm never hungry? Is one or two beers OK? Do I need an afternoon dose? More...
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    Avoiding Alcohol Abuse
    The Stats About Teen Drinking
    Teenagers are drinking more, and earlier. What parents need to know to intervene before it's too late. More...
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    Dating Advice
    How Can I Teach My Son to Approach a Girl?
    Help your teen navigate the choppy waters of a high school romance with these 3 dating rules. Number One: Only call once a day. More...
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    Driving Safety
    Safer Behind the Wheel
    How to limit distractions for your teen drive: agree on a no cell phones rule, and create a simple driving contract. More...
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    Puberty and ADHD Boys
    What parents of ADHD boys should watch for as their sons pass through adolescence. More...
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    Preparing for College
    How a Parent Should Help
    Planning ahead with your teen can make the difference between success and failure away at school. Work together to figure out a medication plan, and secure accommodations. More...
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    Chemical Reactions
    Puberty and ADHD Girls
    The severity of ADHD symptoms will change during the course of your daughter's cycle. Here’s what you need to know to manage them. More...
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    Family Bonds
    13 Ways to Stay Connected
    As kids gain independence, parents take a back seat. Stay involved by meeting new friends and staying up to talk at curfew time. More...
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    Pursuing a Passion
    Help Teens Hone Talents
    Not enough time for varsity soccer and the garage band? Help your teen devise a 10-point ranking system to tease out his extracurricular priorities. More...
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    The Benefits of an Internship
    Best. Summer. Ever.
    A taste of "real world" employment can have lasting career benefits for ADHD teens, even if it doesn't draw a paycheck. More...
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    Eating Tips for Teens
    Bend the Rules
    If your teen wants fajitas for breakfast, let her eat protein when and where she wants it — anything to keep symptoms in check and meds working well. More...
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    Been There. Done That.
    For Teens, By Teens
    Take it from the kids who have lived it. ADHD teens share their best advice for college applications, impulsivity, school help, and more. More...